What I Ate Wednesday – High Carb Vegan Intake

Raw Till 4 Vegan Intake
Happy Wednesday! How’s it going on this lovely day? I’m doing quite well. It was a super warm summer day and any day that is over 75 degrees is a good day to me. So I decided to start doing “What I Ate Wednesday” posts. I get quite a few questions about my diet because I don’t eat just a “regular” vegan diet. I eat a high carb, raw till 4 diet. I know a lot of your are probably thinking, “a what diet?” Well let me give you a little overview of Raw Till 4. I eat raw foods until dinnertime, most of my calories coming from fruit. Then for dinner I have a cooked meal of carbs such as rice or potatoes. Living this lifestyle gives you the freedom to eat unlimited calories every single day. So freeing! So delicious! So awesome! I plan on doing a more detailed post about Raw Till 4 in the near future, so if you don’t feel like researching it more then don’t worry! You can come here and I’ll tell you all about it.

Oh and I have one more thing to share with my favorite people. (aka you guys) I’m now on YouTube!! Check it out. I talk a lot more about my Raw Till 4 journey, working out, and all kinds of fun stuff like that. Like, subscribe, comment, share, etc. Let’s connect there too!

Okay, now onto the good stuff! The food from today. Mmm. Ready?!

Breakfast: Blended watermelon – 11 cups

Watermelon Slush
I loooovee watermelon. I really love it. I found a watermelon sale a few weeks ago and bought a total of 10 watermelon that week. YEAH 10. Told you that I love it. I eat 1/2-1 watermelon everyday. But I’m not going to ramble on about watermelon all day. Today for breakfast I blended up 1/2 of a watermelon and had about 11 cups of watermelon for breakfast. I usually drink half before my workout and half afterwards. Perfect for hydration!

Lunch: 10 bananas & 12 dates smoothie

Banana Smoothie
Let me just start by being honest here. I forgot to take a photo of this smoothie. It’s really such a shame too because it was so good! But you do get this lovely screenshot of my intake video that I posted to YouTube. So I put 10 bananas and 12 medjool dates into the blender. It tasted like a cool caramel milkshake. I can’t get over how good it was!

Dinner: 1 and 1/2 cups jasmine rice and 1/4 cup zucchini

RT4 Freelee
Okay, this probably looks boring but I’ve grown to love simple meals. Plus, this is a look into what I really eat in a day. It’s not all brownie ice cream explosions and peanut butter crumble granola. Sometimes I wish it was, but that’s not food that makes me feel good. I was eating way way too much fat before transitioning to Raw Till 4. Fat isn’t bad! I was just consuming so much because of the recipes that I made and the foods that I enjoyed at that time in my life. I’m not saying that I’ll never ever eat a higher amount of fat in my diet again, but right now Raw Till 4 is really great for me and I love experimenting with various foods! So fun. Anyways, just plain rice is great! I wanted to add more veggies to this but I literally don’t have anymore right now. I also add a tiny tiny (like 1 tsp maybe) of gluten free, low sodium soy sauce for some flavor. Yum!

That’s all for today. I was so full of energy tonight that I was basically bouncing around the yard like a little kid. Try it sometime and see how it makes you feel. Take advantage of all of the beautiful summer nights and delicious summer fruits! Smile, laugh, and eat lots of carbs! I’ll leave you with these cute pictures of my little friends.


Mini Peach Ice Cream Pie – Gluten Free, Nut Free

Raw till 4 801010
Hey friends! How’s it going? I figured that it would be awesome for us all to start of this fabulous week with a little dessert recipe. Does a mini peach ice cream pie sound good? Good. I decided to make this on the hottest day that we’ve had in a while, of course! My ice cream was melting all over the place. I’m not complaining because I got to lick it off of everything but still, just giving you guys a heads up! You might want to make this in a place where the temperature isn’t 80 degrees if you have that option. Anyways, I threw this little guy in the freezer, no wait. I placed this guy nicely in the freezer, no throwing around here. I like to treat all of my creations with kindness and you should too. They deserve it! But really, I put this guy in the freezer and plan on devouring it tomorrow. Mmm, so excited. I recommend making this right before you plan on eating it, or at least doing the ice cream portion right before you eat it. But if that’s not possible then you must freeze it or you’ll have a big delicious mess on your hands, literally. Enough talking though, let’s get to this recipe! Mmm.

Ice Cream Pie Vegan
Mini Peach Ice Cream Pie

serves 1-2

1 and 1/2 cup dates

Blend dates in blender or food processor until you get the “dough” of the crust. Shape the dough into a pie shape. I didn’t use a pan for this. The dates have enough structure to stay in place. You might need to wet your hands to make sure that the dough doesn’t stick to you while you mold the crust. Place crust in refrigerator or freezer until ice cream is made.

Ice Cream:
1 frozen banana
1 frozen peach, peeled
A handful of fresh blueberries

Blend the banana and peach together in your blender until smooth. You might need to add a very small amount of liquid to get it started, depending on what type of blender you have.

Remove crust from freezer and spoon ice cream into crust. Top with fresh blueberries. Serve, enjoy!!

Three Reasons To Go Vegan

Hi guys! How’s it going? Today’s post is a little different than my typical recipe posts. I’m taking Create N Plate and switching it up a bit. I want to share more of my life with everyone. Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting recipes along with all kinds of other fun posts. Variety! Who’s excited?! Now on to today’s post! veganism We all know that I’m vegan. No surprise there. I am very compassionate about veganism and so grateful that I stumbled upon Earthlings last July. I never ate meat again after watching it. Shortly after I made the slow transition into veganism. I won’t get too into detail of my transition though. I’ll save that for another post. Stay tuned! Back to the topic, 3 reasons to go vegan. I got the idea for this post last night after I posted on Instagram about veganism. I can’t believe that I’ve been vegan for almost a year. So crazy! I have loved every single minute of it. It’s changed my life in so many positive ways and I know that it will continue to do so. That’s why I wanted to share this information. I believe that knowledge is power. Being educated on things that you’re passionate about is important. So let’s all learn a little more and/or refresh our memories with 3 reasons to go vegan! Vegan

     1. The Animals

This can be broken down into a few different parts and this is my main reason for adopting a vegan lifestyle. Last night I was inspired to post on Instagram mainly about factory farm animals and this is what I said, “I often get asked why I won’t eat animal products because “it’s not a big deal” and “everyone does it.” I have many reasons for living a vegan lifestyle. One of the main reasons is because I could never imagine killing Jack (my rooster) for a meal. He’s my friend just like all other animals. I wouldn’t kill any of my pets for food so I don’t want other animals killed for food either. Animals are not here to live a life of torture in a factory farm so that humans can have a steak for dinner, eggs for breakfast, turkey on Thanksgiving, etc. The products that you purchase in the grocery store are full of chemical additives and unnatural substances that are not meant for consumption. They cause diseases and cancers which is why so many people are sick. Adapting a vegan diet and lifestyle gives you the opportunity to heal yourself from the inside out just like I have done along with many many others. I do not want to consume something that has lived a life of suffering and is packed full of things that are poisons to my body. I want to eat foods that make me feel good and that I know did not harm any other beings in the process. That is one of the many reasons that I’m vegan and will not “just take one bite” of something containing animal products. Veganism is not a fad diet like Atkins, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, low carb diets, etc. It is a lifestyle and one of the most important parts of my life which is why I believe in it so much. Go vegan to save animals, the Earth, and yourself.” When I walk down the aisles of the grocery store and pass the meat section I feel sad. I am sorry to all of those animals that had to suffer for a humans meal. Earthlings plays in my head and I can’t imagine taking another beings life for a moment of satisfaction at meal time. By consuming a vegan diet you save about 200 animals a year. Think of all of the lives that would be saved if you, your friends, and family decided to go vegan. Tons! The second part of this is animal testing. A lot of people don’t realize that there is more to a veganism than not eating animal products. But I’m sure that we’re all familiar with animal testing and what goes on in those labs. If you’re not familiar with it or want a refresher, this is really powerful. It’s not only important to not consume animals, it’s also important to not use products containing animal products or products that were tested on animals. “Over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused in U.S. labs every year to test products. Yet 92% of experimental drugs that are safe and effective in animals fail in human clinical trials because they are too dangerous or don’t work.” (source) It’s so inhumane and unnecessary to test on animals which is why it’s important to buy products that don’t test on animals. I usually buy locally made products and they’re all wonderful! IMG_5885

    2. Your Health

Health is important. Taking care of your body is the key to a happy life. By adapting a plant based diet you are giving your body the nutrients that it needs to thrive. Think of a hospital. How many patients in a hospital that are sick with cancers, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. are vegan? How many patients in a hospital that are sick with cancers, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. are meat eaters? We all know the answer to those questions. In fact, tons and tons of people have healed themselves from those medical problems by adopting a plant based vegan diet. Meat consumption is known to cause cancer, heart disease, and many other problems. Dairy consumption is known to cause osteoporosis. Type 2 diabetes caused by a high fat consumption, not sugar. Plant based vegans have healed themselves from Type 2 diabetes and are able to manage Type 1 diabetes much better than those consuming a Standard American Diet. When consuming animal products you’re receiving much more than just an egg, piece of meat, or glass of milk. Factory farmed animals are fed unnatural hormones, toxins, and antibiotics that are not meant to be ingested by humans. Almost all health issues that we face can be healed by eating more fresh foods. Physical health isn’t the only important part, mental health is just as important. By eating an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables you begin to see such a positive difference in your overall mental health. It brings true happiness to your body. Fueling up with plant based foods gives you the energy to do things that you enjoy which results in happiness. I get excited just talking about fruits, so you can only imagine how happy I am when I’m eating them! Woods Trees Nature

     3. The Environment

Growing plants takes a lot less resources than growing animals. The animal industry causes more damages on the environment than driving cars. “A vegan driving a hummer contributes less to greenhouse gas emissions than a meat eater riding a bicycle.” Isn’t that crazy? “Livestock production is responsible for 70% of deforestation in the Amazon region of Latin America, where rain forests are being cleared to create new pastures.” When those forests are destroyed the animals that created homes and lives on that land are destroyed as well. Each animal, plant, tree, etc. serves a purpose in this world and humans are wiping out too much, too fast. The pesticides, waste, fertilizers, etc. involved with livestock are now found in our waterways which has a huge effect on our ecosystems overall. It causes problems for the humans and other animals living in and near those waterways. It makes them sick, some to the point of death. There is nothing that they’re able to do to stop it. Living a vegan lifestyle gives you the opportunity to help save the planet. It’s a shame how badly we’ve become accustom to treating Earth and we need to become educated and aware before the damages become irreversible.  IMG_3950 There are so many more reasons to go vegan. These are the three that mean the most to me though and I wanted to share with all of you. Veganism has brought me success on Create N Plate and I have also found a wonderful community. The online vegan community is like no other! It’s really great to be a part of it and continue to spread the message with anyone willing to listen. If you’ve read this and you’re already a vegan then *high five!* and if you’re a meat eater and you’ve read this then *double high five!* come and join us. My main goal is to educate others on veganism. You don’t have to eat salads all day when you’re a vegan. Heck, I rarely eat salads. I’m more of a chocolate almond butter cup person. But whatever you’re eating, as long as it’s vegan, is cool with me! Share your yummy food with me on Instagram or Facebook or email me a picture! We can be excited about your foods together. That’s all I have for you guys today. I’m off to do some yoga and go to bed. Whatcha up to on this fine Thursday? Let me know and see you soon for another post!

Coconut Jelly Bites – Gluten Free & Vegan

Raw Vegan Bites
Hello beautiful people!  A new recipe is here. What, what?! I know that it’s long overdue and I’m sorry. I hope that you’re able to forgive me and we can move on to continue our special friendship. I’ve had this idea in my mind for a few weeks now and finally got to do it today. Guess what. It’s good. Super duper good. My mom hardly ever tries my food but she tried these and told me that she liked them. Oh yeah, success.

I have decided that I’m going to start incorporating different posts on this blog other than recipes. Get ready for a “What I ate Wednesday” and a few posts about yoga and running. If you guys have anything else that you’d like me to blog about then send your requests my way! I enjoy sharing things with you guys and want to be able to share stuff more frequently but I’m not able to create enough recipes at this time. Recipes will still be here though! At least once a week and hopefully more. But we’ll see!

Vegan Coconut Jelly balls
I’ve been biking a lot lately and really want a new bike. But that’s not the point here. The point is that these little bites are easy to take with you on long bike rides or other adventures. Bike to your favorite spot near the lake or river or if you’re really lucky, the beach and take a nice break while snackin’ on some of these. Mmm. I just thought of doing this whole bike ride/adventure idea but it sounds fun, right?! If you do that then you need to take a picture and send it to me via email or Instagram so that we can both be excited about it.

Okay, back to the food now. These, just like everything else, are so easy to make. Toss a few ingredients in the blender and wrap some grapes up in it. Then roll the bites in coconut and eat up! Yay for food, yay for recipes, yay for everything. Lets get to it.

Gluten Free vegan jelly bites
Coconut Jelly Bites

makes 10 bites

1 cup dates
1 tablespoon maple syrup
10 grapes of choice
1/4 cup shredded coconut

Blend together dates and maple syrup. Once blended, wrap grapes in dough and roll in coconut. Serve, enjoy!

Keep in refrigerator for up to 7 days.

Play with them too! Stack ‘em up and chow ‘em down!

Coconut Jelly Bites

Vegan Travels – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Strala Yoga
What up, friends!? I am back from a week of sand and sun. Sad that it’s over, but happy that it happened. On the 12 hour trip home I was thinking about what I was going to share with you guys once I arrived back home. I have really been slacking on recipes lately! I have ideas but haven’t had the time, or made the time, to create them. They’ll come though! I just feel guilty being inside when it’s so nice outside. But they’ll be here soon. I was also thinking about incorporating more than just recipe posts here too. Maybe post some workouts that I’m doing, some “What I ate” posts, or other healthy happy food and fitness things. What do you guys think about that? More frequent posts of a variety of things or a sparing amount of recipe posts? You tell me what you want to see in a comment below!

Anyways, back to this past week. I went to the beach! Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Ever been there? What’d you think? I enjoyed it. It was my first time there and I didn’t know what to expect when it came to food. I knew that it wouldn’t be my normal routine but I tried to make it work the best that I could and I think I succeeded with it quite well.

Fruit Haul
What does one do on a long car ride? Eat. I had a long ride ahead of me and I knew that I needed to go into it prepared. If I didn’t then I would have been frantically searching gas stations for non organic overpriced fruits. No thanks. In emergencies there’s nothing wrong with that. But I knew that I’d be going, so preparation was key. The photo above gives you an idea of what I took with me for the trip down. The dates and the mango went way before everything else. Mmm.

Another thing that I did to make sure that I ate decently while I was away was taking the Vitamix. Always, always, always take your blender if you’re like me. That was such a good decision. I bought watermelons and some bananas to blend for breakfast and lunch a few days. Every morning I had a blended watermelon by the pool or beach and that really made things easier to have a drink to go. I didn’t have anything to put it in so I carried around the blender and got some strange looks until I bought a sand bucket to put my smoothies in. I still got some weird looks. That’s okay though! I was happy.

Vegan Myrtle Beach Carrot Cake
I came across Bay Naturals on Yelp and knew that I had to stop by. I drug my family there and they weren’t too impressed but I wanted to kiss the ground because I had to order salads everywhere that we ate and they weren’t satisfying salads. So when I walked into Bay Naturals my stomach was already thanking me. I ordered the grilled tofu on lettuce with a cucumber quinoa salad on the side. Delicious! Filling! Awesome! Then I went for a gluten free and vegan, of course, carrot cake. I couldn’t handle it. It was SO GOOD. My parents even liked it. Woo! Big win. Plus the employees there were super great. If you’re in the area, go there!

VegVegan Blogger
Laying on the beach is an exhausting job. You get hungry just chilin’ there! I initially planned to take grapes with me but then I realized that I’d get sandy grapes and no one wants that. So I bought a few Odwalla and Suja drinks. I don’t usually buy things like this because I can do the same thing at home for a lot less cost. But I went for it on my trip to keep myself fueled up. Odwalla is good but Suja is my favorite. I love all of their juices and recommend them 100%.

Gluten free
I wanted to go to Mellow Mushroom so so bad. I was there last August just a month after going gluten free and it was the best. I was so excited to find that there was one in Myrtle Beach. We went in and ordered. Then we sat and waited for the longest time and the waiter told us that they ran out of gluten free crusts. What?!? I was so mad/sad/angry/etc. and they offered me a salad since it was the only other gluten free thing on the menu. No thank you. I wasn’t in the mood for a salad, but I sure was in a mood. Haha. I sat there and watched everyone else eat while I thought about the pizza that I wasn’t going to be eating. We talked to the manager and they gave us a gift card for the whole ordeal. So I did get my pizza eventually! You’ll see that a little later. But in the meantime, I was starving and Chipotle saved my life. I was never so happy to see a Chipotle. I ate this in no time and wished that I would have gotten a second bowl.

Vegan Myrtle Beach
Would you guys be surprised if I told you that I went back to Bay Naturals? You shouldn’t be! I had to go back and check out their veggie burger. I don’t eat a lot of veggie burgers. Occasionally I’ll get one at a restaurant but that’s about it. For some reason I wanted this one though. It wasn’t just good, it was super good. I ate it in about 5 minutes and as soon as it was gone I was mad at myself for eating it so fast. I’m telling you, Bay Naturals is where it’s at!

Ice cream
I debated a lot when I bought this ice cream. I always see it at Whole Foods in Pittsburgh but I never buy it. I don’t know why I bought it on vacation, but I did. I ate the whole thing at once. Honestly this is amazing. Ice cream is one thing that I really miss. I could never eat dairy again, but wow I miss ice cream. Well, I missed ice cream. I don’t really need to miss it anymore because things like this are in my life. Cookies ‘N Cream that is gluten free and vegan. What, what?! My goal is to work my way through all of the flavors. Wish me luck!

High Carb Vegan
I also bought a lot of rice to cook because rice is my go-to cooked meal. Love it. I eat rice almost every single night. Rice, pasta, potatoes. That’s really about it and it makes me happy. I made a big batch and I was trying to cool it down so I set it out onside and caught it soaking up the beautiful view.

Mellow Mushroom Gluten FreeMellow Mushroom
Mellow Mushroom!! I got my pizza. My idea was to grab it to go and eat it at the beach. It was so windy that day though and I got my pizza all sandy just taking these photos. I had to move away from the sand but I still got to enjoy it with some great scenery! I got the veggie pizza with the gluten free crust and vegan cheese. Vegan cheeses aren’t really something that I eat a lot of but every once in a while they’re fun to have! Just like all other foods. The pizza was really really great. I couldn’t stop saying how good it was. Even though I had a slight issue a few nights before, I still recommend grabbing a pizza from Mellow Mushroom if you’re ever near one!

Mellow Mushroom Review
Overall, traveling while being vegan is fairly easy. It’s something that you have to want to do and be passionate about. I put a lot of time into my foods and planning. But I love it and truly enjoy every part of it! (Except doing dishes, ew) Taking some snacks such as dates, grapes, dried fruits, etc. makes it so much easier because you’re less likely to get too hungry.
I ate at pretty much every restaurant that my family ate at. I usually got salads or a side of rice to eat with them and then I grabbed more food to eat later on. No big deal! And honestly, the more that you experience eating out with non-vegans and traveling the easier it becomes.
Myrtle Beach isn’t an ideal place for vegans but there are options! Plus there’s a wonderful beach, so that’s good enough for me!


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