Healing With That Mindset

To say that the past few months… okay, the past year in general has been a struggle would be a huge understatement.

First there was loss through death, then there was loss of the place I was living, and then there was loss of my health. And in the midst of all of that, there was so much more stress that piled up up up until everything within me broke.

And that’s when I called myself sick. Well, really, I’ve been calling myself sick for years. I’ve had chronic health issues pop up around age 6 and I’m still addressing them today. But the sickness that I am dealing with now is at a new level. And at the same time, I feel like I’m finally getting to the root cause of it all and part of it involves no longer associating with “being sick.”

healing mindset.JPGhealing mindset.JPG

Sick is not a word. You are designed to heal.

You are designed to heal.
You are designed to heal.
You are designed to heal.

Your mindset is the foundation of healing.

Say it over and over and over again. And when you think that you’ve said it enough, say it even more.

This shift has been crucial. It’s the fork in the road where you take the new path, the healing path, instead of the perpetual path of victim and lack of control.

Sure, you don’t have control over the current health issues that you face at this time. But you do have control over your mindset surrounding them. This isn’t to say that everything must be sunshine and rainbows always. No, I know that things in this realm are frustrating, dark, and lack hope at times. Feel those feelings, feel them all, and then pivot.

Pivot to a space of light and healing.

Pivot to a space of ease and grace.

Pivot to a space of believing and knowing that healing is possible.

Because it is.

For you and me both.

Healing is possible.

healing with mindset.JPGhealing with mindset.JPG

How do you make this shift?

  • Become mindful with your thoughts and feelings.
    – Are you getting stuck in negative thought loops?

  • Get outside.
    – Nature is the most potent medicine.
    Touch a tree, plant your feet, feel the sun. Breathe.

  • Commit to routines.
    – Routines are powerful when you’re not feeling well.
    Set yourself up for success through momentum by
    committing to some structure. Start small, a 5 minute
    meditation or 10 minutes of stretching, and build upon that.

  • Write it out.
    – Journal. Write mantras. Brain dump. Allow yourself a space
    to scatter your thoughts and clear your mind.

Start here and let yourself build on these pillars in a way that feels good for you. You are the creator of your life. Paint it like a beautiful canvas, allowing your healing foundation to guide the way.

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