Day 22, But Really Day 1… Hello

THE YEAR 2020.pngTHE YEAR 2020.png

Well, hello.

Funny/crazy/so weird that I haven’t shared anything since February, but is it?

22 days after I declared that I was back to share more I completely disappeared. There are some very good reasons for that. Ever since the end of February I feel like my life has just been spinning, and spinning, and spinning and I don’t know which way is up. I’m sure you can probably relate. My life then compared to my life now is insane, truly. A complete 180 that I never ever could have imagined.

More on all of that later.

I just wanted to come back here to share… again. And tell you that I’m back… again. And to declare that it’s for real… again.

Because this time it is.

It has to be.

Really, it does because I know that this space will hold me accountable for creating some semblance of a routine and structure in my life. All of that completely went out the window shortly after I disappeared. And I sure did try, but I couldn’t pull it all together to get myself back into any routines.

So at the beginning of this month, well on the 2nd, I decided that I was going to write for 10 minutes everyday. I’ve been at it for 22 days now and I’m not planning to stop anytime soon. I find it to be so therapeutic.
When I was younger (like teenage years) I LOVED to write. I wrote and wrote and wrote all the time. Once I “grew up” and got a job and social media (let’s be real, that’s the big culprit for time sucking) then all of that changed and I wrote sometimes but it never felt the same.

These past 22 days have been a chance to reunite with a piece of my true self. It’s been feeling so good and I just felt so called to get on here and share.

Here’s the plan.

So I’m envisioning sharing more of my nightly writings and little snippets of my life in 2020. I’m sure we could all write a book on The Year 2020. But I’m going to bring it back to the blog. With October on the horizon and Libra season officially here (shoutout to my fellow Libras!) I’m feeling like good things are coming and we are almost out of the dark tunnel that is 2020.

Bring on the light.

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