Detox Your Life – Week 1 Recap

Detox Your Life – Week 1 Recap

Coming at you today with a recap of Detox Your Life week 1, the 22 day healing program that I’m doing!

It’s no secret that I’ve done crazy resets, detoxes, and diet changes before all in the name of trying to heal my body. This is another one of those times, but it’s also different. You can read more about my thoughts, expectations, and musings surrounding this reset here. Today I want to go a bit deeper and explain how it’s been going and how important it is to tailor everything to suit your unique needs.

So the basis of the reset is 22 days of no processed sugar, oil, or salt. Plant based. Whole Foods. You get the idea. As we all know, I’ve been vegan before and I dabbled in removing sugar, salt, and oil but looking back I now see that I didn’t do it quite “right.” I’ve come a long way with my stomach problems over the years but I’m still not quite where I want to be and since Jordan is one of my favorite bloggers, I knew that this reset would be perfect for me to do.

The first few days were difficult. Over the past year or so I’ve very much found myself comfortable with a decently balanced plant focused diet. That also includes sweets a few times a week and a generous amount of Siete chips so I knew that I’d have to find alternatives to those over the next few weeks. Around Wednesday I got into the grove with cooking and having everything prepared which set me up for success. But I was also feeling really shaky and light headed. I thought it was either all of the fruit I was eating in the morning that was affecting my blood sugar or it was the fact that my body was giving me signs that it needed sodium. I tuned in and I felt that I needed to add a bit of salt into my diet. Once I did that, and we’re talking a very minuscule amount, then everything was smooth sailing.

Saturday rolled around and I knew that I’d be eating out. I could have took my own food or figured something else out, but I consciously chose to do my best and eat as SOS free as possible during the day. We stopped by a burger joint, Burgatory, where I knew that I could piece together something good. I ordered their house made veggie burger with no bun and topped it with organic green, cucumber, and pineapple. Instead of my usual fries, I got a side salad with steamed tomatoes. The burger tasted so salty, I couldn’t believe it. I asked Darrin to try it to see if it was overly salty that day or if it was my tastebuds. He thought it tasted fine. I assume that it was because I cut way down on salt earlier that week. I was amazed!! Not even removing it completely and I noticed a huge difference in less than 7 days.
For dinner we went to Federal Galley which is a food hall with options for everyone. Perfect for groups. I was able to get a rice bowl filled with steamed greens, edamame, chickpeas, mustard caviar, pickled ginger, onions, cucumber, seaweed salad, sprout, teriyaki sauce, shiso, and shallot crisp. Once again, not SOS free but the best I could do and something that I absolutely LOVED. I didn’t notice the salt or oil in this dish like I did in my lunch and I felt great after eating it.

Overall, I had a great week even though it was challenging for me at times to cook all my meals instead of running somewhere to grab something. That’s my biggest struggle with things like this, especially now that I live in an area with quick and easy access to lots of good and healthy ish options! I feel good and I’m excited to continue the next few weeks to see what else comes up!

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