Detox Your Life – A Step in the Healing Journey

Hi friends! I am so excited to be sharing this post with you today because I am feeling more inspired around health and food than I have felt in a long time. I’ve really struggled the past few years with food and figuring out the next steps in my journey to heal my stomach issues. After unexplained hives, bloating, pain, and constant instability with my blood sugar that was debilitating and affecting all areas of my life, I lost all interest in spending time in the kitchen and with food in general. I tried to reignite that spark since then but nothing did the trick until I came across Detox Your Life. I’ve been following Jordan for years and when she shared about her new program I just knew that I had to sign up. It felt right and I felt like this was the thing to bring the light back into my relationship with food and the kitchen.

The basis of the program is 22 days of no salt, oil, or processed sugar. I’ve done something similar before, but different at the same time. Not to mention that I was in a very different place with my health at that point. Currently, I wouldn’t say that I’m struggling but I’m also not where I’d like to be either. It’s a process and after taking a break to regroup and figure out what steps are actually worth taking, I’m ready to dive back in and take this journey into the land of SOS free.

And I have to be honest when I say that I don’t think I will be 100% SOS free during the 22 days. I will do my best and the majority of my intake will be SOS free foods, but I don’t think I will be going all the way. Realistically it’ll be about 95%. I have found in the past that I need at least small amounts of salt in my diet to feel good. I plan to remove salt completely at first to see how I do and then adjust from there.

Otherwise, I am so ready and so excited! This is exactly what I need to get back a part of me that I have lost over the past few years due to health struggles. When I started this blog back in 2013 I was just beginning my health journey. I have come so far since then and I feel like everything is coming full circle, like I’m back at a new beginning point where everything is fresh and exciting.

I can’t wait to share about this journey and to get back in the kitchen to create new recipes! Let me know what you guys would like to see!

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