Two Questions for Reconnection

Two Questions for Reconnection

A thought has been stuck in my head all day; who are you when you’re out in the world?

We’re all different people throughout our days. You’re a different person when you’re at work vs. when you’re at home. You’re a different person at a sporting event vs. at a coffee shop. We all have different personalities and qualities about us depending on where we’re at in the world, or even where we’re at in life.

I think that these different versions of ourselves is normal and necessary, to an extent. But a lot of us wear many unnecessary masks to try to show the world who we want to try to be instead of who are actually are.

I think this thought coincides with another thought that I’ve had pop up recently; would our child selves be proud of who we are?

If you listen to a lot of people who talk about how to find things that you enjoy or things that you could truly pursue, a lot of them talk about thinking about what you loved as a child. Basically, what did you love before the world told you what you’re supposed to love? There’s something for everyone. And it might not be the exact same thing that you did as a child, but rather something that stems from that. But it’s there, I believe that to be true. And if you can tap into that, then I think that there is great potential for magic to happen.

When I think back to what I loved as a child it’s really similar to things that I truly enjoy. Things that make time melt away and allow me to be completely in the moment.

When I was around 11 I really started to become obsessed with fashion and celebrity culture. Truly OBSESSED. As time went on this didn’t change. I got to high school and still loved it. I would go to thrift stores and buy the things no one wanted and I’d cut them up and recreate them into something awesome. I dreamed of going to fashion school in NYC and Project Runway was what I lived for.
But then the world told me otherwise. Someone from a small town couldn’t make it and live a good life in the fashion industry. So I stepped away from it.

I don’t regret how things have went because truth be told, I don’t know if I would have been happy in NYC working in fashion. Maybe. But maybe not.

As I think about who I am in the world and would my child self be proud of who I am I realized that I’m not on the path I want to be on.

The only way to redirect is to get back on that path and so I did.

I’ve been hitting up thrift stores and dressing how I used to, having fun with it all. It feels uncomfortable and weird to step outside of my usual all black attire but it’s exciting. I feel like I’m waking up a part of myself that has been asleep for 10 years. I’m rediscovering past passions in a completely different life circumstance.

And it’s been amazing.

So my questions to you are; who are you when you’re out in the world and would your child self be proud of who you are today?

Really ask yourself these questions when you’re going through your day and see what comes up.

I’d love to hear about what you discover!

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