Here’s the thing. I’m an all or nothing person. I’m either all in and completely obsessed or I’m all out and not interested. I struggle to keep myself dedicated to mostly everything that isn’t yoga, meditation, exercising, and journaling. All of my other creative and wellness type focuses come and go.

This isn’t something that I necessarily like about myself because I’m oftentimes bouncing from one thing to the next and not dedicating time to really hone in on a few key things that I can craft and refine.

So one day I’m going to blog for 30 straight days because I love writing and want to do more of it and then the next day I’m visiting 4 different thrift stores and going to start an online resale shop because I used to love fashion and want to get back to it. And while I always see myself as having various sources of creativity, I’d really like to refine it down to a few core things.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past 5 days when I knew I should be writing but chose to do other things instead.

And the main question that this all comes down to is, how do we hone in on a few core things to dedicate our time and creativity to?

I don’t think I have a concrete answer for that. I don’t think there is a universal answer.

I think that asking this question and allowing the answer to come to you is the only way to find out what your creative priorities have the potential to be.

For me, I’m still working on figuring out what that looks like right now. But bringing my attention to it is really helping me to see what is important for my creative expression and what is just fluff that I habitually do or that I feel that I should do.

Now that fall is almost upon us it’s time to start looking at what we want to hold onto and what we need to let go of. The trees know each year that they can let go of the leaves and they’ll still have everything they need to be okay and to thrive in the future. As humans we seem to forget that we can participate in that same practice.

I share all of this to say that even though I’ve “messed up” and didn’t start my 30 days on September 1, this isn’t the end and I’m ready to try again. It makes me nervous because I don’t have topics to write for 30 days straight, but I’m willing to commit to the unknown and try again.

Just because you fall off the priority and commitment wagon doesn’t mean that you can’t hop back on. It’s your life and you get to decide what to do and what not to do. Each day you have that choice, whether you realize it or not. We all have more time in our days than we realize. It often gets sucked up by the excess things that we need to release.

Today is a new day.

Today is a perfect day to get back to that thing that you’ve been wanting to do.

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