i’ve taken a lot of time off of this site to do more real life things that I love. i didn’t even realize it at the time but my desire to share online slowly faded away as the snow began to melt and the flowers began to bloom this past spring. it’s not sustainable for me to post and post and post constantly for 5 years without taking a break and still feel good putting stuff out in the world.

i just got back from a trip to maine, new hampshire, and vermont. i’ve been back two days and i’ve realized how much i need to slow it down, get myself into a routine, and craft beautiful creations to share online. i’m currently training for something, building something, and i have plans to redevelop my writing practice that was so strong before summer days took hold of my heart. i have a few more places that i want to go before summer ends; shenandoah, nyc, and i’d love to do virginia beach but i don’t know if that one will happen.

structure. that’s what i’m focusing on now though. i’ve been a lot of places this spring/summer so far; shenandoah, kentucky, indiana, asbury park beach, lake placid, maine, new hampshire, vermont. it has all been crazy wonderful but with lots of travel comes less routine. i’ve been sick lately and i’m taking that as a sign. first it was my back, i’ve been struggling with back pain for months now and it’s gotten to the point where it doesn’t feel good to do yoga or much working out anymore. i found myself a chiropractor that has really aligned with me (ha ha) and i’m feeling much better now, getting back into yoga, and just being more active in general without pain. it’s nice. then this past week i had a wicked cold. a summer cold. on a trip. OKAY. 
i was miserable for a few days, hiking in crazy humidity all day long with a level 10 cold really makes for some struggles. but ain’t no rest when you’re on a hiking trip 13 hours away from home. it’s not like i could pick up and go back next weekend. that drive is/was no joke!

so anyways, i’m feeling better now in all physical aspects and i’m ready to take this summer out in the absolute best way. i want to share a bit about my past travels from this year as well as whats up in my life currently. basically i just really like sharing and i really like documenting things and that’s what i’m going to do. 

oh, and in regards to food. i don’t think this will be a place for recipes anymore. i’ll still keep everything up from the past and maybe share a recipe or something here and there but my food blogging days are done, i believe. i still love food and will totally be sharing about my eats out and about but my time in the kitchen, especially in the summer, won’t be translating over to the blog. that’s something i can/will do an entire post about. maybe a name change for this site is in order, but that’ll happen when the time is right. no rush here, no more pressures. 

welcome to a new beginning.

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