Hello 2018 – Even Though It’s Already February

Hey guys!

Longggg time no post.

I kind of took an unexpected hiatus/social media break. It all started the day after Christmas when I decided to take a week off of social media. I never did something like that before and I thought that it would give me time to reflect on the past year and plan for 2018. Well it did just that and when the week hiatus was up I had no desire to come back. Strange, right!?

So I took even more time off to really thing and figure stuff out. Ahh, you know that’s never a fun time but it’s so good to look back on and be like – yes, this was very sucky but also very amazing for future me.

And now I’m back!

Great story, yes I know. I just don’t really think it’s necessary to really elaborate too much because truth is, I still have my hands up in the air and very much don’t know what the cluck I’m doing.

But that’s okay with me now because these are the things that I do know:
1. I’m starting another yoga teacher training this month that I am SO excited about.
2. I’m working my way through an Ayurvedic 12 week program currently.
3. I’m still going outside and it’s February and that’s a very good sign for all things seasonally depressed.
4. I’m working through an injury and it’s very much teaching me to slow down, way down. And to maybe never lift again. But more on that later, too.
5. I’m consistently getting 7 hours of sleep which is a huge improvement and a big yay!
6. I very much will do anything in my power to never work another desk job again.
7. I’ve been loving beets lately.
8. Eight is still my favorite number and I just wanted to stop on it.

So this year is the first year that I’ve really gone into a year having zero direction or plan in my life. Although that is terrifying and I feel panicky even typing that, it’s also very freeing and game changing. I just don’t know in what way yet. Which leaves me feeling uneasy but is also kind of exciting!

I don’t really have a lot to say and truth be told, I put zero thought into this post. But I just wanted to pop in and say hi and let anyone who reads this to know that I’m still here in my little space on the internet.

I’ll be back real soon.



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