Kombucha Root Beer Float

Let me start off by saying that this isn’t actually a recipe. It’s just something that I thought that I’d try and found out that it was too good not to share. I’m not affiliated with the kombucha brand, Kevita, listed below. They just happen to have a “Roots Beer” flavor that I thought would be awesome to share in this way.

Now that all of the general PSA’s are out of the way, let’s talk kombucha floats.

I stopped drinking pop (or as people who don’t live in western PA say it – soda) probably 6 or 7 years ago. I can’t really remember when I cut it out for good but I know it’s been quite some time. I didn’t really miss it much, as it is for most things that disappear from my diet due to my personal choices, and once I found kombucha my love for carbonated beverages developed once more. It wasn’t love at first sight, no way. The first few times I tried kombucha I couldn’t understand how people enjoyed such drinks. Yuck! That was 5 years ago and shortly after being disgusted by it I just kept buying it. Although I don’t even know why since I didn’t like it. But hey, it worked out and now I’m on a one a day habit. 

Yes, one a day. I mean, the way I look at it I could have a daily habit of consuming much worse things and I can afford it; so it’s just going to keep on happening.

And when you drink something pretty much everyday you start to wonder what all you can do with it. Hence, the kombucha float idea.

Putting two of my loves together into one large glass to create a special kind of magic.

It’s good you guys, so good.

I haven’t tried other flavors yet, but I plan to.

This is going to be my dessert of 2018. I’m calling it right now.


1 bottle of Kevita Roots Beer Kombucha
Vegan vanilla ice cream

Scoop the ice cream into a glass and add in the kombucha. Serve, enjoy!

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