Oreo Mint Chip Ice Cream – Vegan

Ice cream. It’s my favorite dessert thing in the world. Well that and chocolate. But this ice cream has chocolate in it so I mean, it really can’t get any better than that. 

When I was younger I lived for the filling of Oreos. I’d eat the whole cookie but in a very specific way. First I twisted the top off with proper care. Then I swiped my finger across the sweet sugary cream and kept it on my finger while I ate the other cookie. Finally, the moment I was waiting for; time to eat the creamy icing. Mmmm. My freakin’ favorite. Always. And when double stuffed Oreos became a thing, don’t even get me started. 

So this love for Oreos extended into my adult life and my vegan life, #blessed. And I figured that I needed to do us all a service and combine my two favorite desserts (ice cream and chocolate) with my favorite childhood (store bought) cookies. Oh, and some girl scout Thin Mints too because, well it just seemed necessary!


Oreo Mint Layer:
8 Oreo Cookies
8 Thin Mint Cookies
2 tablespoons coconut coffee creamer
1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted

In your food processor, add all ingredients and blend together until smooth. Remove from food processor and set aside.

Ice Cream Layer:
1 13.5 fl. oz. can full fat coconut milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/3 cup chocolate chips

In the food processor (no need to clean) add coconut milk, sugar, coconut oil, and vanilla. Blend together. Pour into parchment paper lined loaf pan. Freeze for 1 hour. Remove from freezer, stir in Oreo Mint layer and chocolate chips. Place in freezer again for 1 hour, remove and stir. Repeat for 4 hours and then allow to freeze for 4 more hours. Remove from freezer, serve, enjoy!


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