What I Ate Wednesday – Fall Edition

It has been a while since I’ve done a What I Ate Wednesday and I thought it’d be fun to share a Fall Edition of what I’m enjoying lately. I try to eat seasonally for the most part. I’m someone who can eat the same food for weeks and weeks so it’s a fun and easy way to switch things up and eat different things. Going to the farmers market all summer helped me with that too. I made it a goal each week to buy something new or something that I didn’t really know how to use in my meals, looking at you radishes, and have fun with it. Now the farmers market has ended for the year (insert sad face here) and I’m back to strictly shopping at grocery stores. I’m trying to stick to my goal for the fun of it as well as to switch things up and keep my body on it’s toes. đŸ™‚


This has been my go to breakfast lately. I am loving smoothies even with the weather getting a bit colder. Bananas, pumpkin spice almond milk, ashwagandha, protein powder, and almond butter. #obsessed


I stopped meal prepping when I quit my desk job because I found that I wanted to eat intuitively. A lot of the time the meals I’d prep to take to work weren’t exciting at all to eat but I was at work and didn’t really have any other options. Now I’ve been roasting veggies and making random foods that I can combine in different ways to eat each day and that has been a game changer for me. Here we have: quinoa, roasted red peppers, broccoli, and butternut squash all drizzled with lemon juice and dipped in hummus. Let’s be real though, the veggies and quinoa are just a vehicle to get the hummus into my mouth. Just over here waiting for the day that I turn into hummus. It’s bound to happen.


A few weeks ago I bought a lot of apples, if you care to read about how much I love them then you can hop over here. But now I have eleventy billion apples that are taking over my life and I’m eating them every chance I get so that they don’t go bad. I mean, it’s a great problem to have. I’m not complaining, just giving you an accurate description of what’s up over here. One of my favorite ways to decrease the abundance of apples is to slice them up, sprinkle granola, cinnamon, molasses, and peanut butter on top for a quick snack. So good!


Pumpkin alfredo. This happened accidentally. I had some leftover pumpkin that I needed to use and this is what it ended up as. If I was the pumpkin, I’d be pretty happy to be turned into alfredo. There aren’t too many things I can think of on the list of dinners that are better than a fresh plate of alfredo. I’ll probably be sharing the recipe for this deliciousness after another round of recipe testing, which means another round of getting to eat this. Yessss.

That’s it for today! Thanks for joining me.

Also, remember that this is just one day of eating for me. Each day is quite different and that’s okay! While looking at these type of posts it’s important to realize this and never compare your own dietary choices to mine or anyone else’s. Eat what makes you feel good and eat as much as you need to satisfy your body!

Much love. xx

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