What I Ate in Ocean City, Maryland

I went to Ocean City, Maryland this past weekend. I haven’t been there since 2013, exactly one month before I went vegan so I knew that this experience with food would be pretty different than the last.

Upon going, I researched some veg friendly places and came across a few which was honestly more than I expected! Since I was only going to be there for 3 days I decided to just pick a couple of places to try and stick with them. If I would have had a large list I would have been overwhelmed and wanted to try everything. Smaller is better is this case!

The first place that I checked out was Juice Shack by Berlin Organics. Man, this place was SO BUSY when I walked in around 11:30 on Friday morning. I ordered an acai bowl from their menu of bowls, smoothies, and juices and was quite please with what I got! There was a ton of granola on top and below the acai. And can we talk about the generous topping of fresh fruit? So. Perfect. Yes. Yes. Yes.

I ended up at the Juice Shack for breakfast every morning. This place is definitely a must try if you’re wanting to get those fruity vibes flowing while chillin in the sand. Mmmm.

Real Raw became by go to lunch and dinner spot. I am in freakin love with this place. It is so adorable, inside and out. They brew their own kombucha which I am now obsessed with. Especially their pomegranate hibiscus one! They have some natural beauty products, clothing, yoga mats, candles, etc. along with their general food menu.

I got sandwiches and a salad there and they all had tempeh on them which has been my jam lately so it all makes sense. The sandwiches were packed full of goodness and the salad was so large that I had it for two separate meals because I couldn’t finish it all. Three cheers for large portions!

At Real Raw their sandwiches come with your choice of chips or popcorn and somehow I don’t think I’ve had quinoa chips before this experience? Like how??? They are so good. Give me all of the quinoa chips please.

Also, at Real Raw I found EatingEvolved chocolate which I haven’t been able to find in any stores near me. You better believe that I bought two packs of these and had the first pack finished before I even walked out the door and unlocked my bike.

One night for dinner everyone was planning to go to Brass Balls Saloon and I was joining them. I took a quick look at the menu beforehand and figured I could work something out for dinner. I went with a salad because that’s what I was feeling and all I had to do was ask for no cheese. Simple. Plus, as you know fresh fruit is my deal. So it all makes sense.

To cap things off I knew I had to get Polish Water Ice because it’s a necessity. They had cotton candy ice too, which is my absolute favorite. The stars aligned and it was meant to be. Mmmm.

That’s it for this trip! It’s relatively easy to eat vegan/vegetarian/healthy while at Ocean City which I am super grateful for. Check these places out the next time you’re in the area and let me know if you know of any other good spots!


One response to “What I Ate in Ocean City, Maryland”

  1. Also check out Mother’s Cantina, good Mexican food with many clearly labeled vegan/plant-based options. And very popular happy hour with the locals, get there early!


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