Gratitude Project – Week 50

It’s that time of the week again. Each week I sit down to write this post out I get more and more excited. Just two more weeks of my Gratitude Project!

I do a lot of things that aren’t necessarily fun but are inherently rewarding. This is one of them. Taking a photo of something that I’m grateful for each day isn’t the hardest task but the monotony of it has gotten to me a bit. Plus, I’m excited to start a new project for 2017!

But before we get to any of that we still have to get through these next few weeks and more specifically, this post today! I had a tough week because I got sick. Ugh, ugh. Being sick is the worst. I’m still not feeling 100% and haven’t been able to eat my normal amounts of meals. So I’ve had a pretty slow, laid back week. Sometimes that’s just what you need though! 

DAY 345

I talked Darrin into doing a bit of acro yoga tonight! 

DAY 346

First snow covered road run of the year. Running in the snow always adds another component to my workout and forces me to be more present which is always a good thing!

DAY 347

I woke up today feeling so sick. I went to work and left early to go home and be miserable in peace. So glad that I have an understanding boss who let me get home and rest up!

DAY 348

My first meal since Sunday! Taking a sick day today. I laid in bed all day long and just tried to rest. For someone on the go all the time it was definitely a challenge but so needed.

DAY 349

One thing about recovering from being sick is that I have time to read more books. Started this today and I’m excited!

DAY 350

I worked late tonight and had to sit in my car for 25 minutes before the windshield defrosted enough for me to be able to see. Traffic was slow moving but the sunset was so pretty which made it all worth it.

DAY 351

I practiced yoga for so long today and it felt good. I’m navigating my way through heart openers more and more lately. I used to despise them because they were tough for me. But then I realized that they’re what I need to practice most. Open up. Improve. Feel good. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m working my way through them instead of avoiding them. Doing the hard things. Appreciating it.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for joining! xx

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