Gratitude Project – Week 49

December and the holidays are in full swing. I’m almost finished up with my Christmas shopping and I’m excited about that because the stores are crazy. I went to the mall last week and in a lot of the stores I was shopping at I had Darrin stand in the line while I shopped around the store getting what I needed. That’s the way you have to do it, friends!

After this week I only have three more weeks left of this project. Crazy! I really like long term, yearly projects and I’m trying to decide what I’ll be doing for 2017. It’s kind of a big deal to decide because I don’t like to start things and not finish them and a year long project is a big commitment. If there’s anything you think I should try let me know!

DAY 338

We started the day with waffles at Eden. We couldn’t find parking so we had to park a mile away and walk in the freezing cold to get the waffles. Totally worth it! Afterwards we went shopping and got fully submersed in the retail side of Christmas. It’s time!

DAY 339

Christmas cat! When Coale gets into the tree he makes a disaster out of it but I can’t help but to think about how adorable he is hanging amongst the ornaments.

DAY 340

I dressed the dogs up in their pajamas today because why not?! This weekend I’m taking their Christmas photos (yes that’s a thing) so we were practicing tonight!

DAY 341

I haven’t been decorating my food lately. It’s refreshing to just make things and eat it after years of decorating everything I put into my mouth. Breaks are good. I’m trying to fully enjoy mine and only decorate food when I’m feeling drawn to do so for this month. Reset. Recharge.

DAY 342

Still running outside! I am not a fan of cold weather running. It’s always a pretty miserable experience honestly but I feel so good afterwards which makes it totally worth it!

DAY 342

I’ve had two salads this week. That’s a big deal for me honestly! I’ve been loving them though because they’re so quick and easy to make! Kale, caesar dressing, chickpeas, and pomegranate. Yum!

DAY 344

I got a Big Blue bath bomb, featuring sea salt and seaweed, at Lush last week. As someone obsessed with the ocean this was such a nice thing! I was never a big fan of baths until I incorporated bath bombs into my life and now I really enjoy them as self care practices, especially with a good book!

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading! xx

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