Gratitude Project – Week 48

Hi guys! I don’t really have a whole lot that I’m feeling drawn to say at the moment so we’re just going to jump right into the little bits of gratitude from this week!

DAY 330

Started off the morning with a run! Roxy and I ran a few miles in the early hours before the world was awake. Such a grounding way to start the day!

DAY 331

I’ve been working on my heart openers in my yoga practice lately. So challenging because they’re not at all my favorite thing to do. But I think that working on things I’m not good at really helps to better be in my practice.

DAY 332

First day of hunting season here in PA. The only thing I went hunting for was all of my bright clothing to wear on my run! I always wear black so dressing up in my brightest brights was fun for a change!

DAY 334

Blurry picture of my ride home from work. I worked late and it was dark before I left work. I drove home listening to music and watching the sunset before me.

DAY 335

I set a mile PR running this morning! It feels so good because I have struggled with injuries the past 2 years of running. Running faster and pain free was one of the best feelings.

DAY 336

Roxy got her elf costume in the mail today! She is so cute, I seriously can’t handle it!

DAY 337

I took a painting class with my mom and sister tonight. I’ve never done something like this but we had such a good time!

That’s all for this week. Thanks for joining! xx

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