Gratitude Project – Week 46

Okay, so today I’m coming at you with my little bits of gratitude that I’ve experienced this week. But honestly, a majority of my week has been spent reading Harry Potter. I’ve never read the series before starting it in September. I’m on the last book currently and I’m trying to get through it for a few reasons. One, I just want to not be obsessed with it anymore. Although I’m not sure if that will work because I think it’s going to stick with me and I’ll just obsess in other ways. And two, I’m really invested in it and I want to see what happens. By this time next week when I check in I’ll have it all finished up and you can join me then for a full recap of my thoughts and feeling not only in regards to Harry Potter, but also in investing time into books in general. For now though, let’s get to it!

DAY 316

First holiday cups at Starbucks this season!! *cue the Christmas music and snow flurries*

DAY 317

I rush a lot with my breakfasts throughout the week and Sunday’s are a chance for me to chill out and eat as slowly or as quickly as I want. Appreciative of it!

DAY 318

I got home late from work today and since it gets dark so quickly I had to rush out the door with Roxy to get our walk in. It was freezing but I’m glad that we were able to make it happen. Going back in the house after being out in the cold and being blanketed with warmth is so satisfying.

DAY 319

The moon was awesome tonight! I spent some time outside just watching it and working on taking night pictures. I have a long way to go with them since this is only the second time trying it out, but I’m excited to keep working at it. 

DAY 320

I know that walking with your dog isn’t the most exciting thing but I love it so much. Roxy is one of the only things to get me outside when the weather is cold and using her as my motivation really helps make winter a bit more tolerable and productive for me.

DAY 321

My night consisted of reading a chapter of Harry Potter and then doing a quick 5 minute yoga stretch. I did that on repeat for 4 hours tonight and regret nothing.

DAY 322

So much yoga today! My own practice, teaching, and playing around a bit in the warmth of the sunshine. I’ve been playing around with my practice lately and getting more creative with it. Switching things up is the process of growth and it’s all so exciting.

That’s it for this week! Much love. xx

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