Gratitude Project – Week 45

What a ride this week. Not particularly in my personal life, more so in America as a whole. I’ve said what I think needs to be said about that and you can find it here. Today I want to focus on the little things that have made this week great. The moments in time that were shining light and inspiring me to keep doing what I’m doing. To keep fighting for what I believe in and to help others do the same for themselves and their causes. Those are the things that I choose to focus on and to put my energy towards. I hope that you’ll do the same for yourself.

DAY 309

Impulsive trip to Target and dinner! Always a good choice.

DAY 310

I don’t know how it’s still in the 60s but I will take full advantage of it for as long as I can. I spent the afternoon outside reading and soaking in the warmth of the sun. Such a good way to end the weekend.

DAY 311

Now that we’ve switched the clocks back it’s bright enough to take pictures of my food in the morning again before work. Excited!

DAY 312

Did the thing! 

DAY 313

I tried this new protein bar from Sunwarrior today. Yay new things! The generous drizzle of icing on top of the cinnamon roll base made the whole thing 10 times better than it would have been without it. I ate this at work but I think it would be so good warmed up a bit!

DAY 314

My evening walk with Roxy brings me so much joy. It’s such a simple and monotonous thing but I appreciate it so much.

DAY 315

I’m back to taking yoga pictures on my dresser again! Trying to keep a positive mindset with the sunlight going away quicker in the evenings and the temperatures getting colder. Yoga always helps!

That’s it for this week! Thanks for joining me. xx

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