Gratitude Project – Week 44

It’s officially getting into holiday season as I write this. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and I am so ready. My goal this year is to actually enjoy the holidays. I typically find the holiday season to be a stressful time and like the idea of having fun with everything. But I often fall short. It’s not happening this year though! This year will be great and I am excited for it. I started making a few Thanksgiving recipes already and I’m pumped. You’ll see ’em soon. But until then, let’s get to this weeks gratitude bits filled with tons of yoga pictures because, well I’ve been practicing even more lately!

DAY 302

We went trick or treating with the doggies tonight! I’ve shared more pictures in my previous post but I thought I’d share this blurry iPhone shot because Pebb looks so happy and that always makes me super happy too.

DAY 303

I love my little yoga space that I created. It’s always super hot up in the attic so I think I’ll be right here until summer rolls around again!

DAY 304

It was an awesome weather day today and since it was Halloween I couldn’t help but to break out the wig and witches hat for a little yoga fun!

DAY 305

World Vegan Day! I didn’t celebrate with anything special but I spent some time outside with Roxy and we had a nice afternoon together. She always makes me so happy.

DAY 306

Bike ride! A rare thing these days but such a sweet time. I love my bike rides so much but now that it’s getting colder I’m not getting out as often. So today when I hopped on and went for a quick ride I was so excited. Wind in my hair, podcast in my ear, smile on my face, and a full heart.

DAY 307

My morning started off not too great. I got gas before work and when I got back into my car one of my favorite songs was playing. Instant mood booster. It totally brightened things up and turned my entire day around for the better!

DAY 308

Friday: wake up, read, teach yoga, go to yoga, eat curry and work on the blog at Amazing Cafe, and have the best day possible.

That’s it for this week! Much love. xx

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