Just Yoga – Workout Update

It’s been a while since I checked in with a workout update. I figured that we’re well overdue for one since things have changed a lot.

When we last chatted about working out I was back in my running space and loving it. But since then I’ve stopped running.

Here’s the thing though, running wasn’t fitting into my life. It wasn’t fitting because I didn’t want it to fit badly enough. If I truly wanted to be out there pounding the pavement then I would have been. As the days got shorter and I couldn’t get my 5 a.m. run in because it was dark I became uninterested in it. I just don’t think it’s the time for me to get back to it. Although I truly believe there will be a time, now just isn’t it.

I’ve accepted that and I’m good with it. I still go on an occasional run here and there but it’s nothing structured which is totally okay. I’ll get back to it, I always do.

But if I’m not running then what the heck am I doing? Because if you know me then you know that I have to be doing something. I love moving my body and getting the endorphins kicking during a workout.

I’m doing yoga! And lots of it.

It makes me so very happy.

At first when I stopped running I would tell people that I’m doing “just yoga.” I grew to dislike that term though because yoga is more than something that I feel like I should discredit like that. “Just” doing something doesn’t give it the attention and pride that it deserves. So now if I’m asked I simply tell people that I practice yoga.

Let’s face it. Yoga is no easy task. It’s mentally tough and can be physically challenging if that’s your jam. Yoga is absolutely an acceptable way to get your body moving and we should totally give it that credit!

It took me a bit to realize this and to not feel guilty for doing an “actual workout.” But that’s just not what I’m feeling right now. I spent too much time pushing myself through workout programs that didn’t bring me joy. As I develop a better relationship with myself and my fitness I realize that I can still move my body and do something that lights my fire each day.

That’s where I’m at. I’m 100% immersed into yoga right now. I wake up, drink some water, find a Youtube video that’s calling my name, light some candles, and go with the flow.

Somedays I’m doing core blasting practices and other days I’m stretching it out with some deep stretch classes. It’s a balance and a heck of a good one.

What about you? Have you experienced this as well? What season of workouts are you currently in. Let me know!


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