Gratitude Project – Week 43

I’ve made a choice this week to not let myself rest any longer. I’ve basically taken the past two months off from a structured schedule of all things Create N Plate. It has been a wonderful learning experience and honestly I could probably take another month or two off. But I’m not. I’m ready to kick it back into gear and get the best content possible out into the world to share. This week was my last week of just chilling and spending more time being aimless than working. I think it was some time well spent!

DAY 295

That moment that you go to Starbucks and they mess up the size of your drink so you ask for the proper size and get to keep the mistake. Yay!

DAY 296

My favorite granola is like $5 for a bag of it. I don’t typically spend that much on it because I can do without it and prefer to spend that money on other things. But occasionally I like to treat myself and that’s what I did today. Let’s see how long this bag will last!

DAY 297

I went thrift shopping today and bought two new black shirts. Just what I needed! I haven’t thrifted in the longest time though and I enjoyed searching the racks so much.

DAY 298

I spent today wrapped up in my sweater and came home from work to watch a few hours of tv. I rarely watch tv anymore because it doesn’t interest me much but today I had fun just sitting down to relax and tune into it for a while!

DAY 299

I worked late today and when I got home it was almost dark. I was going to skip my daily dog walk but I looked at Roxy and knew I couldn’t do that. I bundled up and out the door we went. Once I got walking it wasn’t too bad and after I entered the warm house again I was so glad that I did it!

DAY 300

I had no intentions of going for a run today. I came home from work and felt inspired to move my body. I got dressed and headed out the door. No watch, no headphones, nothing. I ran for a while and then I turned around and ran home. It was invigorating and just what I needed.

DAY 301

I went to the lake for a bit tonight. There was a brisk breeze and the sun was shining. I wandered around and took some pictures. I hesitated going but I’m so glad that I went. It was such a fun way to spend the evening!

That’s it for this week! Much love. xx

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