Gratitude Project – Week 42

My birthday week! I basically had a week long celebration for turning 24. I didn’t plan it that way, but that’s how it happened. Saturday was spent doing special things with my parents and Darrin. Then on Wednesday I took a trip in celebration of it being my actual birthday. And today my sister gave me a gift. Oh, and I had cake 5 days in a row. Party!

I’m not going to go into too much detail because I do that in the individual posts. But I had such a good week and I’m bursting with happiness and excitement to share!

DAY 288

We took a trip to Pittsburgh to spend the day on Saturday. I got my favorite vegan brunch from Eden before heading to the Strip District, Point State Park, and Double Wide Grill for some dinner!

DAY 289

This weather lately has been killin’ it. It was so nice today so my mom and I took a bike ride. We ended up going 10 miles and saw so many views that looked like a painted canvas. Fall is so pretty.

DAY 290

I was craving oatmeal this morning for some reason, so that’s what I had! I made pumpkin spice oats with apples, blackberries, cinnamon, and a large dollop of peanut butter. It hit the spot!

DAY 291

I love driving along the roads and seeing leaves scattered about. I got tomorrow off of work to take an adventure on my birthday! I’m so excited.

DAY 292

Today we went to Lake Erie and took the dogs. It was such a fun day! I’ve been wanting to take Roxy to the beach for the longest time and even though it’s not the actual ocean, this is a good step! She was a bit afraid of the waves at first but quickly got used to it and we had such a fun time!

DAY 293

It smells like summer and there’s thunder in the distance. It’s raining SO HARD. I worked late and had to go to the grocery store afterwards. I got completely soaked but I bounced through the parking lot skipping over all of the puddles and knowing that this is probably the last warm ish rain storm until next year.

DAY 294

I had a pretty chill day at home. I read a lot, did some cleaning, and practiced more yoga than planned. Isn’t that always how it goes though!? It was a rainy day and my only commitment was teaching a yoga class this afternoon. A free day to myself, just what I needed.

That’s it for this week! Much love. xx

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