Gratitude Project – Week 40

It’s officially my birthday month! That means vegan cakes and brunches coming my way. I’m excited! I like October as much as possible for someone who resists the end of summer. The lack of daylight is something I don’t enjoy. Along with the colder weather and a few other things. But out of that I’m trying to flip it into something positive. Learning to not resist and go with the flow and changes of life. Let it all happen and let myself feel whatever it is that I feel as a reaction to certain parts of life. That’s what’s up in my life this week! Well, that and these little moments of gratitude that I’m about to share, too!

DAY 274

Saturday on the way to dinner I had the idea to stop at an antique store that Darrin has never been to before. It’s been years since I’ve been there, too. I don’t think we’ve ever bought anyting from an antique store but I still love going in and looking around!

DAY 275

Cozy blankets. Peppermint tea. Harry Potter. My theme for this fall so far!

DAY 276

Stumbled upon this cute little drawing on the sidewalk near my house today. It was bright and colorful and made me smile!

DAY 277

I’ve been craving yoga so much lately and it’s a beautiful thing. I’ve been putting a lot of work into backbends, my least favorite. I’m slowly coming around and beginning to like them more and more. I think that they’ll become something that I incorporate into my practice much more frequently once I get more comfortable with them.

DAY 278

The days are getting shorter, but our walks stay the same! Always make it a priority to spend some time on a walk with my favorite furry friend.

DAY 279

Today was the perfect fall day. Awesome temperature. Blue sky. Pretty sunset. And lots of afternoon yoga.

DAY 280

I spent so much time today clearing up space on my computer and phone. I’ve been working on creating space in my life a lot lately and I think that on my electronics is where I need to work on the most now. It’s a slow work in progress but the more I organize and clear, the better I’m feeling!

That’s all for this week. Thanks for joining! xx

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