Gratitude Post – Week 39

Coming at you today for the last day of September gratitude compilation. Only three more months of the year left, holy man. It’s time to kick those fall goals into full gear!

I spent today at a fall festival in a town just a short drive away. It was my first time checking it out and it was no joke! It took us about 3 hours to conquer the whole thing and I’m still not too sure if we saw everything! Stuff like that is so fun to me. I’m always on the hunt for pottery or wooden bowls that I can get for food pictures, of course! And places like that are perfect for that!

But lots of other nice things happened this week. Let’s get to that!

DAY 267

I am truly awful at tennis. But that doesn’t stop me for attempting to hit the ball and run around the court like a crazy person trying to catch it!

DAY 268

Sunny Sunday mornings call for quality time spent outside with Roxy!

DAY 269

I tried a Beyond Meat frozen meal for the first time today! Frozen meals aren’t really my jam but I’ve been itching to try these since they came out. It was pretty decent! Yay for trying new things!

DAY 270

Trail Tuesday! I biked after work today and it was so chilly. I didn’t have a headband for my ears and they were hurting after the ride. But I still enjoyed crunching through the leaves and getting lost in a podcast!

DAY 271

Every morning Coale runs into my bedroom as soon as I open the door. I recently got out my big winter blankets and he loves them so much. So I always have a friend hanging out with me while I binge ready Harry Potter!

DAY 272

When you pet Roxy and she’s really loving it then you’ll be in trouble if you stop. She’ll start whining and give you looks like this so there’s no way you can just walk away! Although it’s slightly annoying at times, it’s so cute!

DAY 273

I’m not a big fan of coffee but after a chilly day at the craft show I was all about the warm cup of goodness! I’ve really started to appreciate the warmth of certain foods and drinks that are like a nice comforting blanket for your chilly bones. 

That’s it for today! Thanks for joining me! xx

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