It’s that time again; time for seasonal goals! Fall is here my friends, ready or not. With the new season comes a new set of goals that I’ll be working towards over the next few months. I’ve transitioned into monthly goals verses weekly goals because I like to give myself the extended period of time to work towards something more than I can do in a week. These goals are all things that are attainable within a few months time as long as I show up and put the effort in to make them happen. I think it’s important to set attainable goals that will propel you towards those bigger goals that you have tucked away in your mind. Smaller successes create huge accomplishments over time!

Before we get to the present goals, let’s recap the summer goals! If you want to read more detail behind these goals check it out here!


Bike 40 miles DONE! This was so satisfying for me to complete. I was so proud of myself and couldn’t believe that I actually did it. I didn’t do any type of training plan. I just biked consistently 10-15 miles once or twice a week as well as a longer 20+ mile ride once a week until I worked my way up to 40 miles. So excited about this one!

Read 2 books per month – Yes! I’ve read more this summer than I have in a long time and I have every intention of continuing with it. I just started reading Harry Potter for the first time ever this week and I’m sure that once I really get into it that it will be easy for me to fulfill this goal for the upcoming months!

Remain consistent with lifting – I didn’t do this. But I think it’s completely okay and a really good thing. I looked back on what I wrote when I wrote down this goal and I can tell just by how I wrote it that I wasn’t 100% into it at the time. Which is fine! Since, I’ve started running again and practicing yoga more and I am completely happy with my choice. Goals are set to keep you motivated to do something, but for something that you no longer are enjoying much at all I think it’s best to let it go and find a new goal to work towards.

Write daily – Yes!! I’ve been getting back into writing just to write. I don’t care if it’s “good” or not. I just do it because I like the therapeutic aspects of just doing it.

Bake more – Heck yes! Even though it’s been a pretty hot summer and lighting the oven isn’t the best idea… especially when you don’t have air conditioning; I still made it happen and am continuing to make it happen! I’ve been loving it. It’s fun for me and since I’m trying to make everything gluten free it’s also a challenge which is nice!


Take Roxy to the beach – I’ve been wanting to take Roxy to the beach ever since I got her and this year I am determined to make it happen! I don’t have a date set. I have a few weekends in mind but I think it’ll be a spontaneous trip determined by the weather!

Spread happiness – I have a few things in mind for this. I know it’s pretty vague but I want to report back here with the results once I make this happen! I can share that it involves connecting with strangers in real life which is something that I’m not the best at. I’m feeling inspired to bring a little more light into random people’s days and to do this I need to step outside of my comfort zone a bit!

Disconnect – I want to work on only checking social media 2-3 times a day and set a time limit for each of those times. I’ve been experimenting with this lately and I find that by doing this I get a heck of a lot more done in my days. I just feel more connected to myself overall.

Use my camera – I’m sure I’ve said this a thousand times before but I am going to continue to say it until it happens. Less iPhone photos, more camera photos; do it, do it, do it.

Work on a big project – I would share what the big project would be, but I don’t know yet! I just know that I want to work on a project that I can put most of my focus on and really give it all I got. I don’t know if it’ll be a public project or a more personal one, but I will report back and let you know how it goes and what it is!

And that’s it! Fall goals = complete. Ready to rock!

Do you have any goals for this upcoming season? I’d love to hear about them!

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