Gratitude Post – Week 36

This week was bursting with adventure and I am sitting here on this cloudy Friday morning feeling so full of happy little bits of energy. This past weekend I realized that I craved being outside and exploring.

It’s lovely. It’s wonderful. It’s so different.

A few years ago I would have taken a long weekend off and went straight for the mall or spent my time watching tv. I was into it. I enjoyed things like that. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying either of those things. I still shop and watch tv from time to time. But I’m more into exploration now. Getting outside. Being with the trees and serenity of nature. I’ve made this crazy transformation that I didn’t even realize was happening… until it happened. Now I’m here just doing my thing and being drawn towards plants, silence, and fresh air. It’s amazing. It’s liberating. It’s something I am so grateful for. And here’s some more things I’m grateful for from this past week.

Good vibes flowing everywhere.

DAY 246

Explored new territory today. The start of a fun outdoorsy weekend! Get outside this weekend and do fun things with special people in your life. p.s. This was right before a groundhog ran past us and scared us big time!

DAY 247

Today we went canoeing! It was such a great time. I was a bit hesitant to take Roxy but she did so well. The weather was perfect, the water was warm, and we had nowhere to be and nothing to do except take our little trip down the river. Bliss.

DAY 248

Explored today! The perfect way to end the long weekend! So grateful for all of these experiences lately. I can’t believe that I used to spend my free days shopping and watching tv shows. Exploring and going on adventures fulfills me much more than either of those things ever did. 

DAY 249

Back on my banana ice cream grind. I haven’t had it in the past few days because I’ve been living life. But I missed it so much and couldn’t wait to devour this for breakfast!

DAY 250

Tonight I made a nice dinner for myself and ate it outside. After I was finished it started raining and a beautiful rainbow appeared. Little details of life fill me with joy.

DAY 251

Reading. Starting new books. I love it. I’ve loved reading since I was little and each time I dive into a new book it’s like an unexperienced journey that I can’t wait to unfold. So excited for this one!

DAY 252

The moment when you’re just trying to take a photo to share online and two of your favorite little friends insist on being in it too. Yoga, recipe testing, blog post writing, biking, reading, yoga teaching, and dog walking is what today looked like. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Another week in the books! Share a moment of gratitude with me this week. I’d love to hear about it! xx

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