Gratitude Project – Week 35

I feel like September is the mark of the beginning of fall even though that doesn’t happen for a few weeks still. The air is already crisp and the days seem much darker. After finishing my 30 days of blog posts I decided to step back a bit and slow down this month. I’ll still be posting a few times a week, but I want to carve out more time for me. It’s strange because I have free time that I can dedicate to things that aren’t blog posts. What?! Crazy. It’s honestly hard to let myself relax and not feel like I have to constantly be on my game. That’s why I’m stepping back a bit though and kind of recouping. Easing into the new season fully recharged and loving the experience along the way.

DAY 239

I went to a new trail a little ways from my house to try out tonight. I have a list of biking trails that I want to try so tonight I got to cross this one off my list. Halfway there I realized I forgot my headphones. I always bike and listen to podcasts. It’s my thing. So I realized I forgot the headphones and got frustrated for a minute. But then I decided to just roll with it. It was nice. I was doing one thing at a time, biking. That’s it. I’m always multitasking. Eating and instagramming (bad habit), biking and listening to podcasts, standing in the line at the grocery store checking Twitter. I’m rarely ever just doing one thing at a time. I’m not saying that any of those things are necessarily bad and I will continue to bike and listen to podcasts and do a ton of other multitasking things in my life. But sometimes it’s good to just give all of your attention to one thing. Focus. Pay attention. Dive into the moment. It’s like jumping into a cold shower after a hot summer run. Refreshing.

DAY 240

Woke up and ran 6.5 very humid miles today. Came home and made this beautiful creation. I ate it outside while cooling down and stretching it out. Such a good way to start the day.

DAY 241

Tonight we played basketball and biked. I’ve been branching out a bit lately and not necessarily trying new things, but just doing different things than usual. It’s nice! Switching things up is good.

DAY 242

August is almost over. Reflecting and setting goals for September. I’ve come up with some yoga goals as well as some writing goals. I’ll share them all here soon. I’m still polishing the details. Determined to make September good. August was tough. But it’s all good. I’ll emerge out of it a stronger little human. And overall, tonight I realized that I love my blog so much and need to spend so much for time giving it the attention it deserves. Which probably sounds crazy since I’m finishing up 30 consecutive days of posting. But it’s true. No more daily posts. Lots more posts full of substance and deep meaning. I’m excited to dive into it. I hope you’ll join me.

DAY 243

After work today I went to explore in the woods a bit. I wasn’t even feeling bad but being there made me feel so much better. I love little spontaneous nature trips and I want to make it happen more!

DAY 244

Today was so good. I met up with an old friend after work and I did yoga in the park for a while. I’ve never practiced yoga alone in such a public space in my town before. It was nice and I quite enjoyed it. Yay for trying to do familiar things in new places. So good! Later tonight Darrin and I went for a long walk in the woods and I wore a sweater. Ah, fall is coming but right now I’m accepting of that.

DAY 245

Tonight Darrin and I watched the sunset from the roof and put together my old telescope to look at the stars later on!

Thanks for joining me! Let me know what little bits of gratitude you’ve experienced this week. I’d love to know!

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