Hey you! August is coming to an end here in a very short amount of time. I’m sure you’re well aware of that by now though! I figured that in celebration of the last month of summer that I’d try something new; Links to Love. I’m just going to use this as a series of things to share that I’ve found around the internet and ended up enjoying and/or finding beneficial. Fun, right?!

Let’s start out on a positive note with a little inspiration!

The all or nothing approach isn’t the best approach to success.

Okay, you must try this yoga video. It was absolutely delicious. Bonus points if you do it outside on a sunny day!

Taking steps towards your life purpose. New motto, new project. Awesome, awesome.

Why yoga should be like your kitchen. I. Love. This. 

Such a good message about listening to your body and moving from a place of ease rather than stress and tension.

Massive emotional progress. Because mental health is so important.

Chocolate chip cookie dough overnight oats. YES PLEASE.

And just some healthy chocolate chip cookie dough to keep the theme going!

The Appalachian Trials website (and Instagram!) and reading all of the hiking adventures shared my various people is so good.

I’m obsessed with making to-do lists. Here’s a great way to get into it and get things done!

Let me know what some of your favorite things floating around the internet have been this month!

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