1000 Steps Trail

I ventured to 1000 Steps this weekend. It’s a hiking trail in central Pennsylvania that I have been wanting to check out forever. This weekend it finally happened and I loved it!

Let me start out first by saying that it was tough! A thousand steps up the side of a mountain is no joke. But, I had so much fun doing it!

Darrin and I started out in the afternoon. The middle of the afternoon on a summer day. Yep, sounds like a good time for a hike! Thankfully the sun wasn’t out on our way up because that would have been a pretty toasty hike. 

We walked, and walked, and walked. The steps are labeled by the 100’s and by the time we reached step 100 we were like “Seriously?!?! We’ve only done 100 steps?!” and then we kept going because what else are you to do?!

Really though, even if you’re slightly to moderately active you can make this hike happen. It’s not that gruesome. Promise!

We passed some people who were on their way down and they warned us that coming down is harder than going up. They said that your legs start to get really shaky. I tucked that little comment in to the back of my mind thinking that we’d be fine going down. No biggie!

We made it to the top and had such an awesome view of the town! It was a beautiful, clear day and you could see for miles. We walked back the trails a little ways just to explore and check out the immense amount of rocks. Rocks are so much cooler when you’re dating someone who majored in geoscience.  Honestly, I have quite the extensive rock collection of my own because of it. That’s a story for another day though.

We came across a cool stone building that I obviously had to take advantage of by snapping a few yoga pictures. Never fails. Anyone who goes anywhere will me can agree with that. Whoops!

But, the history of 1000 steps is that they were built for miners to walk up to the top of the mountain to work each day. That’s so crazy. Walking up the steps everyday. In the winter even! Crazy.

Once we had our fill of the top we started to make our way down. Those hikers that stopped us on the way up to tell us that coming down was tough, yeah they were right. My legs were shaking like leaves on a tree enduring a gust of wind. Seriously! Going down was much harder. But it was so much fun and such a way to spend an afternoon. If you’re ever close to 1000 Steps, check it out! Definitely recommend it. I love going on hikes and exploring places like this because it gets you out in nature and it’s free to do. All that it costs is the gas to get there and the price of a Clif bar if you wish to be extra prepared. Cheap nature things are my jam though. Absolutely love it and recommend that everyone gets outside and takes advantage of their surroundings. So worth it!

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