What I Ate – Vegan

It’s been a few weeks since my last What I Ate post so I figured that I should make it happen! Summer is almost over meaning that my beloved summer fruits, smoothies, and all things cold are about to decrease a bit. I just get so cold after chilly foods in the cold weather and it leads to a very unproductive situation! 

So since that’s all happening, I figured we’d do one more What I Ate to end the summer. This is just a typical work day. Nothing fancy here! But that’s nice because these are all simple, delicious meals that we can all whip up in our kitchen in no time. 


For breakfast I had banana ice cream, of course. I added molasses, bananas, and chocolate almond milk as a base. Then I topped that with cherries, peaches, and coconut. LOVE.


The easiest work snack; Clif Bar. I buy boxes of Clif Bars on sale and always keep them with me just in case!


I made a cheesy rice bowl for lunch with broccoli, cauliflower, and beans hiding in there. Honestly, I didn’t care for this too much but I made it work for today!


Usually I’m home for my after work snack but today I had to go dress shopping for a wedding I’m going to on Saturday. Ahhh, weddings are not my favorite. But that’s a whole other story! So, I picked up this juice at the store in between trying on tons of dresses.


A fun, easy buddha bowl for dinner! Cheesy rice, roasted spiced chickpeas, steamed carrots, zucchini, and black beans topped with sriracha for a little kick. 


For snack I had some homemade Italian ice. Strawberry banana, pink lemonade, and white peach all mixed together. Perfect bliss!

That’s it for today! What foods are you loving lately? Let me know!

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