A Friday Well Spent – Spontaneity Is Good

Friday’s are usually spent working on this little bloggy blog. Since I don’t have to work at my “real job” I am able to dedicate Friday’s to my passions and loves, aka Create N Plate and creative ventures.

So, I’m just getting home from teaching yoga this past Friday and my mom asks if I want to go canoeing. Heck yeah I want to go canoeing. But I know that I have work to do. Commitments to fulfill. All of the posts to write. Yet, I say yes to canoeing.

I knew that I’d have enough time to get done the bare minimum of what absolutely needed to be done. So I did that and went on my way off onto the river in my little blue kayak.

I seriously had SO. MUCH. FUN. It was just a peaceful and satisfying experience overall. The water was 80 degrees, so I basically should have took my soap and got a bath, you know; multitasking at it’s finest. 

Kidding, kidding.

The water though. So warm! Living in Pennsylvania you don’t really get to experience much warm water, even in the summer. That’s just not a common thing in this neck of the woods. But I was soaking it up. Lovin’ every second. 

We pulled off for a bit and hung out along the side of the river. We skipped rocks, watched the little fish, and soaked up the sun. Bliss.

I thankfully took a Clif Bar with me. Kayaking makes you hungry! And the bar was warm and gooey from laying in the sun for a bit. Mmmm. 

PRO TIP: Always take a snack with you. Seriously, everywhere you go! 

When we got out at the end of our trip I lost my shoe in the river and some little girl went to get it for me. So nice, humans are nice! Always remember that, and if no one is doing nice things for you; be that nice person. 

We got back on land and everyone else was hungry. They all got ice cream and I got cherry ice. A dairy free option in the middle of nowhere just for me to get to join in on the fun. Yay!

P.S. I got one scoop of the cherry ice but I totally should have got more. That’s my only regret of the day.

Always say yes to adventure and an opportunity to make memories with the ones who matter most. The work will always be there but the chances to take a trip down the river with your family on an absolutely perfect summer day might not always be there. So do the things that matter while you can, live in the moment, and enjoy every second.

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