What’s Up With Caffeine?

So, what’s the deal with caffeine?

Well, let’s start with a little backstory.

I was never a coffee drinker. I don’t see myself ever becoming one either. It never tasted good to me and I’ve never felt the need to use it for energy purposes. I do get an occasional latte from Starbucks these days. But that’s just for something different every once in a while.
I’m a tea fan though. Green tea is basically my boyfriend. Although, over the past year or so we’ve tuned our relationship down a bit. I crave water more than anything so now I drink tea once or twice a week. I guess I get an occasional caffeine hit from that even though I drink it solely for taste purposes.

And now that we have that out of that way, what are my thoughts on caffeine?

I don’t think that caffeine is good for you. In fact, I know it’s not good for you. Google it and see for yourself that it has some pretty risky affects on the body.

I just find it so bizarre that people rely on it for energy. You see some people who have some serious struggles if they don’t get their morning coffee. Then you see other people that end up with racing heartbeats from the jolt. I don’t know. Call me crazy but I don’t find those things appealing.

I am not trying to bring down anyone who drinks coffee, relies on it, or anything of the sort. I’m just sharing my perspective on it because I think it’s cool to get inside other people heads on random topics like this.

I think that it makes more sense to get your energy from real foods that don’t come with added health risks. Fresh fruits and veggies. Things that provide you with real, long lasting energy and not just short bursts of it. Those things taste better and sustain me for longer than a cup of coffee would. So that’s how it goes for me.

With that being said though, I do believe in balance and if the occasional iced coffee craving hits then why not go get yourself an iced coffee? That is totally understandable and realistic. I’m actually drinking one right now as I type this. Life is not about perfection, it’s about balance and being happy. 

Ultimately, you should do whatever you want to do. If you want to drink caffeine, do it! I think it’s important to be educated on the affects that it has on the body and know why you’re actually drinking it. If you have all of those things down, then awesome! Cheers to that! *raises iced coffee up for a toast*

What’s your thoughts on caffeine? Is it a yes or a no? I’d love to hear your perspective!

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