Gratitude Project – Week 33

I’ve spent a lot of time this week reading books. I’m completely submersing myself into reading lately and loving it so much. Other than that I’ve had a pretty average week. Work, running, yoga, enjoying the last weeks of summer. Just living life!

DAY 225

I had a really fun, busy, and not so typical Saturday which included this really delicious, easy, and not so typical lunch. I’m someone who alternates between mostly the same foods all the time without getting tired of them. But it’s fun to switch it up and try something new every once in a while!

DAY 226

Today is meal prep day and I was not feeling it at all. So I put some oats into separate bowls, measured out water, and cut up fruits and that’s my meal prep for the week! I knew I had to do something to make it easier on myself each morning and sometimes pouring oats into a bowl and calling it good is what needs to happen!

DAY 227

Over the past few weeks I’ve worked on removing some things from my life to create more space. I’m in a good place. I wake up with the sun, run, practice yoga, read books, work, post on the blog, make good food, spend time with my furry friends, meditate, explore nature, etc. and it all flows so nicely.

DAY 228

I’m halfway through my work week at my “real job” and if that’s not something to be grateful for then I don’t know what is. Its not that I hate it, but it doesn’t bring me joy and it’s not my passion. So the closer I am to being able to work on the blog and other projects for 3 straight days, the better! 

DAY 229

Sat on the roof tonight with tea and watched the sunset. Little moments like that make each day great.

DAY 230

Spent the evening with my favorite four footed friend. We went swimming, well she did, and came back home for some hang time in the yard with a watermelon snack.

DAY 231

Went kayaking today. So fun! It was such a perfect day today. I didn’t get all of my work done that I planned but spontaneity sometimes is just what you need!

Thanks for joining me! Share little bits of your gratitude from this past week with me. I’d love to hear about it!

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