Gratitude Project – Week 32

Friday, Friday. And we’re back! I came back from vacation at the beginning of this week and it was tough jumping right back into a routine. I survived though! I have the whole weekend free to myself to do whatever the heck I please and I’m so excited about it. As I was putting this post together I realized that I have quite a few repeat pictures from my vacation posts that I shared earlier this week. But, the pictures are so lovely that I figured I’d share them once more with each days caption under them. Whoops!

DAY 218

I will never get over the absolute beauty of this area of the country. 

DAY 219

A Sunday well spent!

DAY 220

I had a tough time getting my daily post up on the blog today for the first time this month. I’m sure it definitely won’t be the last either. I was so frustrated and wanted to give up, say screw it, and read a book. But I didn’t do that. I worked on getting the post up before getting ready for bed and I did it. Disciple, not motivation, will get me through this month of daily posting and I’m excited to see how I evolve by the time September comes around. Oh, and this carpet is my favorite thing EVER. 

DAY 221

Today is my 3 year vegan anniversary! So grateful that three years ago I educated myself and made the switch to a vegan lifestyle. 

DAY 222

Handstands and dog walking between thunderstorms. I love rainy summer nights so, so much.

DAY 223

I’ve managed to post 11 straight days on the blog so far and omg how have I been doing it. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but posting daily is not an easy feat. And even though I’m not quite halfway yet, I’m still just going to sit here and celebrate this small victory because why not. This week was most likely the most challenging week of them all and now that it’s the weekend for me I can relax a bit and just be happy about it all. So awesome what you can do when you put your mind to something!

DAY 224

Animals are friends, not food.
 I read the Esther The Wonder Pig book today and it was so good. It’s such a lighthearted and fun read. They spoke of veganism in the book and I loved their mindset and approach. It’s great to get a deeper look into someone else’s mindset and reasoning for taking the route that they do in spreading their message. So often people perceive vegans in a negative light. By having books and other resources that take a gentle, understanding approach to veganism it allows more people to be reached. And that is so, so important.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for stopping by! Much love xx

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