Three Years Vegan – Three Things I Learned

Today is my 3 year vegan anniversary. That is so hard to believe! Three years of eating no animal products! Except one time when I accidentally ate cheese…. but we’re not going to talk about that!

Since going vegan I have felt better than ever before. I have more energy, I’m sick less, I sleep better, and I feel better overall. A pretty awesome bonus for going vegan for ethical reasons, right?!

This year to celebrate I bought myself a pint of vegan ice cream that I’ll be eating later while watching Netflix. Livin’ the dream! But for right now I figured that I’d share with you guys some things that I’ve learned over my 3 years of vegan living. 

Number 1: It doesn’t matter what type of vegan you are.

High carb vegan, raw vegan, starch solution, raw till 4, junk food vegan, etc. It literally doesn’t matter what type of vegan diet you’re consuming. All that matters is that you’re not eating animal products. Simple!

Number 2: Let people come to you.

I find that letting people approach you is the key to helping others make change without coming across as “the preachy vegan.” If you’re thriving on a vegan lifestyle and it shows in your daily life,  others will begin to notice. And once they notice they will start coming to you for tips and advice as to how to make changes of their own. Sure, they might not be interested in going vegan. But, you might be able to direct them in the direction towards quitting dairy and finding a good almond milk, or finding a good vegan soap to replace their Dove soap with. Be approachable and willing to share with others!

Number 3: Don’t let it hold you back.

Go out and live just like before! You can totally go to the pizza place with your friends on a Friday night. Just get a pizza without cheese. If you’re going somewhere with someone try suggesting a restaurant that you know you can find an option at but is also a place that they will like as well. And you can always eat beforehand or take something with you. Just show others that you can live life like before. Sure, there are small adjustments that will need made. Overall, you can still be the same person that you were doing the same things as before. The only difference is that you won’t be consuming animal products.

Being vegan rocks. I love it so much and each year I feel more connected to it and to myself because of it. It’s something that I want to spread and share in my own way. I strive to live a healthy, happy lifestyle and help others do the same by making small steps in their lives. If you want to learn more about veganism, check out this page! And if you have any other questions or concerns about it, never hesitate to connect with me. Together we can do amazing things!

Much love. xx

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