Virginia Beach Trip 2016

Family vacation happened last week! We went to Virginia Beach and Shenandoah National Park again for the second year. They have both easily become some of my favorite places to visit for very different reasons. 

I love Virginia Beach because it’s so dog friendly, vegan friendly, and not too touristy. I can honestly see myself moving to the area at some point in my life. It’s just one of those places that I gets me. The food choices there make it so easy and enjoyable for me because I can grab something healthy at one of the restaurants but also get some ice cream and other goodies at Whole Foods right down the street. 

The whole time I biked almost everywhere which was so nice. It’s not possible for me to bike places at home currently because I live so far from town, so that was such a nice change of pace! I can see myself moving somewhere around there, getting a job in a cafe of some sort, teaching some yoga classes near the water, and taking Roxy to swim on the beach in the evenings. Manifesting that!

But for now, I thought it would be nice to just share a collection of photos from the beach portion of my trip. So often I caption everything that I share, but pictures capture the moment in their own special ways. That’s what I want to share today!

Favorite carpet EVER!!!

Thanks for joining me! Stay tuned for part two of the vacation! xx

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