Opinions Change and That’s Okay

Opinions are fascinating.

They’re fluid. Ever-changing. Beautifully constructed.

I look back in time and think about how I used to have opinions on certain things and I’m like, “What the heck was that about?!” because it seems so silly now. But I enjoy it. I cherish it because it means that I’ve changed. I’ve grown.

It’s okay to change your opinions. Usually a change in opinion is struck by an emotional or educational experience; both are things that have the power to greatly impact us all.

If we didn’t change our opinions then everything would remain the same. No change, no new experiences, no growth. 

Our process of growth and evolution over our lives is what makes everything so special. It’s the good and bad, frustration and triumph, pain and comfort. Everything that teaches us, challenges us, and brings the biggest smile ever to our faces.

It’s all a product of opinions.

And it’s really, really beautiful.

Embrace it.

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