Gratitude Project – Week 30

What a week! I don’t really have a ton to say about it, which is to be expected sometimes. I’m not quite sure how August is basically already here but summer needs to slow down. Big time. I’m loving it way too much for it to be flying by so quickly! It is what it is though. So, I’ll just be over here focusing on each day and trying to make the absolute most out of it. Which is all what we should be aiming for anyways!

DAY 204

Today I ate way too much vegan food at Burgatory and I thought I was going to explode but I was totally worth it because this vegan milkshake (orange dreamsicle) and the burger that followed it was so amazing as usual.

DAY 205

This was taken right before an afternoon thunderstorm. It’s been super hot and sunny here for the longest time. And while I’m not complaining, I do love summer rain storms. They’re so nice and peaceful. I see them as natures way to tell me that it’s okay to cozy up in my room and relax for a bit.

DAY 206

Daily dose of watermelon. Blend ice + watermelon to get a refreshing treat. I think I’ve had watermelon almost everyday since summer started. Loving every second of it.

DAY 207

I went to the gym this morning and did a killer leg workout that has me sore already. Then I came home and ate this bowl of deliciousness. I now want to eat this for breakfast every single day. So good!

DAY 208

Today was not idea at all. Actually it sucked. But I’m not going to sit here an name all of the things that went wrong and dwell on it. I see no point in that. So anyways, I was sitting at work during this sucky day thinking about how much I wanted a kale salad. I have absolutely no idea why because I don’t care for salads. I eat like one salad a month and that’s always at a restaurant. But I just really wanted a kale salad. So after work I went and bought kale. I made a kale caesar salad with potatoes and cauliflower. I sat outside and watched YouTube videos and ate my dinner. It was literally the only time I felt like I had a chance to breathe and hang out all day. And I enjoyed it. It was important and I’m glad I took the time to make it happen.

DAY 209

Bowls of ice cream that look like this, yesss!

DAY 210

Biked my summer goal of 40 miles today. It was such a good ride!! So excited that I got it in today because I have plans to start running next month. It’s so fun to set goals like this that are attainable, yet new and exciting!

Thanks for joining me! Much love. xx

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