Gratitude Project – Week 29

This week has been great. I’ve been feeling really good and really loving all of the experiences that are coming my way. I planned a long bike ride for today, but the surprise thunderstorms obviously had other plans in mind for me. I decided to take this day as an opportunity to just work on some other things that I’ve had on my to-do list for a while now instead of getting upset and frustrated about my plans changing. Going with the flow. Trying new things. It’s all exciting.

DAY 197

Today was lovely. I spent the day exploring State College with Darrin. We ate good food, walked around Arts Fest, explored nature, grocery shopped, and now we’re watching Netflix. So much fun!

DAY 198

So very grateful for my website and all that I’ve created on it. Feeling very inspired with it all lately. So glad that I’ve worked hard at it the past 3 years and still love it just as much (maybe more?) as I did the day I bought the domain.

DAY 199

I have high expectations for myself. I have clear visions carved out in my head that I want to achieve. My ideas aren’t typical. I have no interest in a “normal” 9-5 or a desk job, even though that’s what my life is right now.

I’ll do more. I’ll go further. I won’t settle for a job that I don’t love. Sure, I’ll do one for the time being. But I won’t set myself up to get into a comfortable position. I’ve spent my life thus far making sure that I don’t get comfortable in the jobs I work and the town I live in. It would be so easy and accepted to settle down here. But I don’t want that. I want more, and that’s what I’ll get by working hard and being disciplined in my ways.

My life is mine to live however I please. I know that my choices probably don’t make sense to most, but I know they’re the right ones for me. So I’m going to do what I want to do.

DAY 200

The summer fruit is seriously perfect right now. Blueberries, peaches, watermelons, mangoes. LOVE.

DAY 201

The peaceful nights where you can sit and work with no distractions.

DAY 202

I found this cute little guy on the trail today when I was biking. I moved him into the woods and went on my way. I also got to talk to two people from out of town checking out the trail for the afternoon and we had a nice chat. It’s always cool when people approach you just to talk. It’s a nice reminder that I should do that more often. Little experiences from my bike ride today.

DAY 203

The days when you have no time restrictions on your yoga practice and it’s a perfect day outside are the best days.

Thanks for joining! Share your little bits of gratitude with me. I’d love to hear!

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