Yogurt Parfait – Vegan + Gluten Free

As I mentioned briefly in this past weeks Gratitude post, I received so much yogurt from a lovely customer. I was so surprised and grateful for their act of kindness. It really got me thinking about how much the way we treat others impacts them.

I didn’t see myself as being especially nice to this customer. I was just acting as I would with anyone who called or walked through the door at work. I wasn’t trying to get anything out of them, the thought never crossed my mind. I was just being nice. Simple.

The act of being kind resonated with them enough to reciprocate the good vibes, which in turn made my entire day.

I love it. I love spreading positivity and I love that it comes right back to me in various ways. It’s such a beautiful thing. And I thought that we could celebrate by making yogurt parfaits. Who’s with me?!


1 5oz. vanilla yogurt, I used Silk
Fruit of choice; blueberries, dragon fruit, and pineapple shown

Rawnola Recipe:
1 cup dates, soaked for 2 hours
1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup shredded coconut

In your blender blend your dates. Add in oats and coconut. Pulse together all ingredients until granola like texture is formed, being careful to not over mix. 
Layer parfait together in bowl or glass. Yogurt, fruit, yogurt, and rawnola was my layering method but feel free to experiment with different ways! Serve, enjoy!

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