Gratitude Post – Week 28

This week has been another week of feeling uninspired to do this challenge. I’m not sure why. It’s okay though. I’m allowing it to happen; recognizing it as part of the process. You can’t expect to love something 100% of the time. There’ll be struggles. It doesn’t matter what it is. Pushing through and coming out on the other side of those struggles are when you start seeing the rewards and that’s what keeps you going. One thing I try to remain consistent with in my posts though is being genuine. Sure, maybe the photo isn’t exactly what I had in mind. But I always try to make my words matter. And on that note, let’s get to it.

DAY 190

Saturday’s are my favorite because they’re usually reserved for random adventures with Darrin.

DAY 191

Week 3 of meal prepping = complete. This is a routine that I wonder why I never started sooner?! It’s awesome to have all of my meals made throughout my work week. Such a good feeling! 

DAY 192

Today at work I received 36 yogurts from a customer! He’s the president of a company in my town that makes Silk and So Delicious products. His wife called me today and asked me what my favorite yogurt flavors were. Ten minutes later he showed up with 3 cases of yogurt as a thank you for providing them with good customer service. I was so shocked and grateful. How nice of two strangers to give me a ton of yogurt just because I was nice to them! Be kind to everyone. Not because you might get something out of it, but because you genuinely want to spread kindness. That’s when the magic happens. Such an unexpected, but great way to start the week!

DAY 193

It was a hot one today. So I went for a bike ride after work! I went on the trails near my house, which is something I don’t normally do. It was nice! It was something different than usual and switching things up on occasion is always a good thing.

DAY 194

Since I’ve created more space in my life recently I’ve been able to read more. Instead of reading books I already have I just end up buying more and more!

DAY 195

I’ve been sailing through life with a sense of ease recently. I’ve been thinking about a lot, making some changes, and just going with the flow. It’s nice; being more present and aware. I observe, I learn, and I grow.

DAY 196

My eager partner patiently waiting to eat some potatoes with me! xx

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you’re grateful for this week!

2 responses to “Gratitude Post – Week 28”

  1. That yogurt story is so sweet!! Always makes my heart happy to hear stories of kindness ❤ Love these gratitude posts, girly!I’ve also made it an intention to read more 🙂 have you read any good books lately!?


    1. I haven’t read any that stick out to me, sadly! I’m currently reading Down The Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison. It’s about her experience in the Playboy Mansion. Hahaha. It’s okay, but nothing amazing. I did buy Big Magic yesterday though and I am SO EXCITED to start it!!


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