Gratitude Project – Week 27

This week has been the toughest week for me in regards to this project. I’ve been struggling with it. Each night I open up Instagram and have no idea what I want to say. For 26 weeks I quite easily breezed through this project and on the 27th week it’s like I hit a brick wall. I’ve contemplated quitting it and just retreating further away from social media. I believe that I could do quite easily at this point in my life. But I’m not going to do that. I’ve made this commitment and I’m finishing it. I’m halfway through this project now and I know that I shouldn’t stop now. There’s no logical reason to do so other than a few days worth of a lack of motivation. That’s not enough to get me to quit. But it’s a lesson that I can take into other aspects of my life.

There are absolutely some things that should be given up on and that we should quit. If something that once made you ecstatic begins to genuinely make you unhappy day after day, then yes I believe that you should consider giving it up. But it all depends on the circumstance and should be a decision that is made based on your happiness. I know that I want to keep going with this and I will come upon more days during this project that I love to share on this platform. That’s why I open up the blank screen each day and stare. I come up with something that I feel relatively okay about posting and move on with my day. I keep pushing forward with it and persevering towards that light that I know is at the end of the tunnel. I do it all with the best attitude and outlook that I can. And that’s good enough for me.

DAY 183

I had the best bike ride today. There was honestly nothing special about it. But it was a beautiful day with the sun shining and the clouds scattered across the sky. I was listening to a great podcast with no time restraints or things to get done. I was just there in that moment. Pedaling, listening, watching, and breathing. That’s it. It was such a simple moment, but so beautiful. 

DAY 184

Today was freaking awesome. Vegan milkshakes from Burgatory, strawberry and peanut butter banana. I dream about these milkshakes, they’re so good. Then we went to a music festival and had such an awesome time. Now it’s midnight and I’m eating gas station sushi and a blueberry filled donut from Whole Foods. // I love eating healthy because it makes me feel great but some days you just need to eat large amounts of vegan treats and live your life. I’ve spent many days declining milkshakes, cookies, donuts, etc. and for what? Life is too short not to eat all of the vegan foods!

DAY 185

I don’t have a lot to say today even though I feel like I should. I’m just hanging out listening to the rain and preparing myself for another work week. If I wasn’t doing this gratitude thing I wouldn’t even have posted tonight but I’ve come this far with it that I want to continue. So even on the days where I don’t have anything I want to share, I’m staying committed and that’s something I’m really excited about.

DAY 186

I’ve been practicing yoga consistently for 4 years now. I’ve practiced every day so far this year and the most time I took off was 2 weeks due to an injury last year. It’s crazy for me to think about. Yoga started out for me as a workout and a way to improve my running. But it turned into so much more. It’s now my main fitness priority and has transformed into something much more than the physical practice at the same time. It’s become a practice that I take with me off of the mat and into my everyday life. It’s my passion and my focus. It’s not only what I want to do with my life, it’s also how I want to live my life.

DAY 187

Banana ice cream every single day!

DAY 188

I’m struggling with putting genuine thoughts and expressions into these posts lately. It’s not something I want to quit though. I’m determined to make it through the whole year. I know this struggle is temporary and I’ll come out in the other side with a lesson learned. It’s just been discouraging to me to open up this app each night to type and not know how I want to genuinely express myself. It’s a process of growth though and reminding myself of that each day keeps me going.

DAY 189

I went for a walk tonight without my phone and for some reason this little patch of flowers just brightened my day. Not that my day was bad or anything, but little things like this can just make a small but significant impact. I had to walk back and take a picture of them as a little reminder that looking up from the phone screen and being with nature is something that really matters to me and is something I always need to make a part of my daily routine.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for joining! xx

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