Beartown Rocks – Clear Creek State Park

Beartown Rocks is like 30 minutes from my house and I never knew that it existed until like 6 months ago. Isn’t that crazy how so many things are literally at our fingertips and we could have no idea that they’re there. We just keep doing the same thing day after day and sometimes complaining that there’s “nothing to do” in our area. 

That’s not the case though. That’s rarely the case anywhere. There are always things to do but we’re oftentimes so set in our routines that we don’t explore new options. 

Once I started looking for things to do relatively close to my house I found so much! I have a list and conquered a few of them already, which I already shared here.

On Saturday Darrin and I went to Beartown Rocks. I was there a few months ago and wanted to take him so this wasn’t a new experience for me. But it was still a good time!

They have a trail that you can follow as well as an overlook area that you can look out onto the horizon. The rest of the area is scattered with huge rocks that you can check out and climb on.

Luckily, we were there when no one else was there so we had the whole place to ourselves. I love being able to explore and just take my time doing things without other people around. Aka I can take as many pictures as I want without holding things up for other people or getting them in my shots. #instagram/blogger life

We started down the trail before we were greeted with rain. We deiced to turn around in just enough time to make it back to the car before the rain drops began scattering across the windshield.

I loved the fact that it rained just as we were getting back to the car. It’s like a little sign from the universe that this experience has been enough for today. We didn’t let the rain ruin the day though. We headed back home and made veggie burgers together That was something that we’ve never done together before. We flipped the rainy experience into a new experience and had a great night.

It’s all about perspective. There’s rarely any reason to get upset about the little things. They’re usually signs that are given opportunities to do something else. Sometimes that means trying out some new veggie burgers and other times it could mean something totally different. But those opportunities are often chances for you to create the experience in a way that you feel is best in the moment.


Instead of getting mad or upset by swayed plans, flip them into new experiences. Try something new. Or even try something old and recreate it as a new experience. The possibilities are endless, you just have to make them happen. xx 

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