Gratitude Project – Week 24

Coming from you this week outside on my porch. One of my favorite places to hang out. I love being outside. I often feel guilty for being inside on a nice day because summer is so short around here. I try to take full advantage of the weather while I can. That means I can hang out here and be outside while writing things to share with you guys. It’s a win, win!

I had a crazy busy week. Coming into this week I thought to myself how I was going to have a lot of free time to do as I please and reset. That wasn’t quite how things went. But it’s okay! It happens. And the way that you handle tests like this is important. So here’s to an unexpectedly busy week, let’s recap it all!

DAY 162

It’s been a long while since I’ve made a cheesecake like this. I need to get back on my game because it’s always super fun to do. Getting creative with food is one of my favorite things to do.

DAY 163

THE PENGUINS WON THE STANLEY CUP and I had an awesome time at Consol watching and now I’m celebrating by eating a gluten filled cookie that I’ll probably regret tomorrow (because it’ll make me sick) along with the very small amount of sleep I’ll be getting but THE PENS WON THE CUP SO WHO CARES RIGHT.

DAY 164

Today went by so quickly and I was busy for every second of it. Days like this are a great test of time management and living in the present moment. And no matter how busy I am each day I always make room for fun.

DAY 165

Over the past few weeks my feelings toward social media has changed so much. I don’t know if it’s the weather and the fact that I find myself wanting to be in nature more or what. But I just have lost a great deal of interest in scrolling through my social medias. I still post and enjoy doing that and interacting with you all. But my days of aimless scrolling and feeling the need to “keep up” are no longer what I experience. It’s freeing in a way and I find myself navigating towards posting more of what I want and not just food and yoga. Plus, it gives me a heck of a lot more time to focus on myself and my projects. It’s an interesting place to be in though just because I have been hooked to my social medias for so long. But things are changing for me and I feel like they’re shifting in a whole new direction. And I’m so excited to experience and share it all.

DAY 166

The other night something got into the chicken coop and killed one of the hens. We don’t know how they did it because the fence and everything was fine and we don’t know what it was. The rooster and another one of the hens is okay but Helen got caught up in it all. I think she’s lost her eyes somehow. We tried to open them and on the one side I can’t see anything there. She seems to have no visible cuts or wounds. The only thing that seems wrong is her eyes. I’ve gotten her to eat and drink. She walks, clucks, and can hear just fine. Yesterday I didn’t think she was going to make it, she was in pretty bad shape. She’s improved a lot over the past day but I’m still not sure if she’s going to be okay. I’ve had a lot of chickens but I’ve never had a blind chicken so I’m not sure what I can do to help her. Hoping for the best and glad she’s improved. If anyone has any tips or advice it would be appreciated!

DAY 167

I’m getting back into my normal recipe creating. Two recipes this week, wooo yeah!
I’ve been in a weird funk with recipes for the longest time now but I feel like I’m getting things together. I’m excited!

DAY 168

Gluten free and vegan cupcakes, yes please! So grateful for friends who share they’re delicious baked goods with you!

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. xo

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