Gratitude Project – Week 23

This week has been so busy. I set the intention of being more mindful and creating more space in my life. That totally didn’t happen, although I did give it a solid effort. I just had so much going on that it made my vision harder than I imagined that it would be. It happens though and it gave me the chance to see what changes I want to make. Starting is the hardest part and I’m over that hump so I know what I need to do from here. Yay! Even without being successful with my goals, which is totally okay, I had a great week filled with happy moments that I’m so excited to share.

DAY 155

Today I got up, worked out, biked, practiced yoga, and then Darrin and I went to State College and wandered around for the afternoon. We went to Wegmans and I got some new vegan products to try out as well as some cute sunglasses and a ring that I’ve been wanting for months. Now we’re eating cookies and cream ice cream while watching hockey. Saturdays like this are the best.

DAY 156

Today I did basically nothing and I don’t remember the last time that happened. It was so nice. One thing I did do though was make this bowl of ice cream and I must say that it was an A+ decision. 🏼Just catching up on YouTube videos (I haven’t watched any in two weeks!) and getting ready to get lots of much needed sleep!

DAY 157

Pebbles joined Darrin and I for dinner tonight.  She got to enjoy some potatoes all to herself with no other dogs to share with!

DAY 158

Today I didn’t take any pictures so here’s a picture from Sunday. I’m trying to be more mindful this week and it’s proving to be a bigger obstacle than I believed it would be. Time is going so fast and I’m remaining so busy. I’ll do fun mindful things like write in my notebook or open up a coloring book after I answer one more email, post one more post, etc. I tell myself. But day after day I push that away and keep answering emails or working on the website in some other way. But no more. After I hit post on this, I’m doing those mindful things for the next hour or so. It’s a small and late start, but it’s a start. Dogs (and animals in general) are so mindful. They focus on what’s up in their lives in that exact moment and that’s all that matters. They love, forgive, and are little positive rays of light. I watch Roxy and I aspire to be more like her in those ways, I think we can all use a little more of those traits and sparkle in our lives. Here’s to working toward that.

DAY 159

Tonight I made waffles for dinner and worked on creating space in my life. I did an amazing yoga flow, followed by waffles with tea, and then colored in one of my many coloring books. Being busy and productive is great but what’s greater is feeling free and calm in your days. Working on creating that space and then I plan to find that balance between working hard and just being.

DAY 160

Honestly, I’m so tired from staying up late watching hockey and the thing I’m most grateful for today is by bed and that its time to sleep.

DAY 161

Tonight I went on a bike ride and had waffles for dinner so you could say it was pretty successful!

That’s it for this week! Thanks for joining me. Much love.

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