Gratitude Project – Week 22

Friday, Friday. Feeling good this week with my heart full of adventures and excitement. The summer weather makes life so much better and I am soaking up every ounce of goodness that I can. I hope that you’re doing the same! Let’s get to it!

DAY 148

Vegan strawberry and peanut butter milkshakes at Burgatory after a beautiful day in the city. 🏼Nothing better!

DAY 149

Today I went on a new and unexpected adventure with my sister!

DAY 150

Today I got to spend the afternoon with Darrin. We used to spend every Sunday afternoon together (I know it’s Monday but since today’s a holiday it’s basically Sunday) and haven’t for the longest time because of work commitments. But today we got to do it again and I enjoyed it so much.

DAY 151

Everyday that you start off the morning with something like this turns out to be a good day! Caramel vanilla bottom layer topped with strawberry beat top layer and granola to finish it off.🏼 I got to eat this outside this morning after my workout because it was warm enough to do so. Love it! 

DAY 152

“A gorilla was shot in Cincinatti zoo.
Cecil the lion was killed in Africa.
Dogs are killed for their meat in China.
Dolphins are slaughtered in Japan.
All violent. All cruel. All unnecessary. All worthy of our outrage. Exactly like every individual pig, cow, chicken and fish murdered for their meat, milk and eggs, every single day, all over the world. And who is responsible for the deaths of these animals?
Everyone who purchases animal products.
Outraged by unnecessary violence towards animals? Me too! That’s why I’m vegan. Anything less would make me a hypocrite.” -James Aspey // So grateful to come across veganism almost 3 years ago and to have transformed my entire life for the better. Saw this cute little sheep friend tonight and felt so much compassion and love for this little guy 🐏 All animals deserve love and respect to be able to live a happy, free life and I’m willing to fight and defend the voiceless for as long as necessary until big changes are made. I don’t share a lot of outspoken vegan messages on this page anymore and I’m not sure why that stopped, but I realize so often how important it is to speak up and that’s what I feel like I need to do more of. So here we are! Align yourselves with your beliefs and if you truly claim to be an “animal lover” then don’t just talk the talk. Make the changes and start walking the walk by changing the products that you purchase and ultimately going vegan.

DAY 153

Today I’m grateful for this brick wall because let’s be honest, there’s some good potential right there for more aesthetically pleasing future yoga pictures!

DAY 154

I bought a new bike today! So excited about it, I already got in 20 miles!

That’s it for this week. Thanks for joining me! Much love.

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