It’s been so long since I’ve been able to write a post like this. Way too long!! I love NYC so much. It’ll always have such a special place in my heart after spending so much time there in 2013 for my yoga teacher training. I’ve made so many friends and connections that it sucks to live 5 hours away! But I make the trip back a few times a year to catch up, do some yoga, and eat some awesome vegan food.

My friends asked me if I’d go along with them to NYC to help them get where they wanted to go since they didn’t know how to easily navigate the city. Of course I said yes! So we set a date and were on our way.

I started off my Saturday morning at Juice Press, as usual. I was starving when I got into the city so I grabbed this Clean Green Protein smoothie before heading to yoga.

I made it to Strala in time for the 11 a.m. Saturday class and was so excited to be there! I flowed and got all sweaty with a big smile on my face. Strala is my favorite studio and I have a hard time going to other studios because they’re not quite like it. I guess it just makes it extra special when I’m able to get there!

Afterwards I was starving and craving something cool so I ended up at Juice Press again. Whoops. I got an acai bowl which I didn’t even know they had! I sat in Union Square and ate it before wandering around the farmers market until I went to grab lunch with my friend.

My friend, Humberto, met me at Terri. That’s one vegan place in the city that I’ve somehow never been to. I was excited to try something new! We got a southwestern salad and a chicken quesadilla to share. It was amazing. The quesadilla was so hearty and filling. I loved it so much! Oh, and we also got a donut to share for dessert!

Afterwards we walked around the city and grabbed almond lattes before saying our goodbyes. I love having friends from all over the place. But only seeing them on occasion for short periods of time is tough. 

For dinner I got together with some friends to go to by Chloe. Man, I love that place SO MUCH. I had what’s pictured plus some mac and cheese and half of a chocolate cupcake. No regrets! So amazing and absolutely delicious. Ever since Pure Food and Wine closed this has quickly become my favorite place!

Sunday morning I ended up back at Juice Press. I woke up feeling not too great, probably from all of Saturday’s food! All I wanted was something green so I grabbed this juice. I love the pineapple and mango tropical flavor that it has.

After breakfast I went to Bushwick, Brooklyn to check out the Bushwick Flea Market and just walk around the city for a bit. I came across this space wall and it matched my pants. I loved it so much!

I ended up at Sacred Chow for lunch. This was a popular place for me to frequent whenever I was in my yoga teaching training. It’s fairly close to Strala and has such a yummy brunch menu.

I got the kale nama gori salad to go. I ate it by the Hudson River and spent some time relaxing and reflecting there. The salad was as big as my head! I could barely eat it all. But it’s my favorite salad from there so I was loving the portion size! 

I stayed there for a while until I knew that it was time to start gathering up my food to bring back home. That’s when the real adventure begins!

I never had Sweetgreen before but I was excited to try it. I made my own salad with romaine, kale, corn, apples, cucumbers, almonds, and lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette dressing. Loved it!

This classic burger is an honorable mention that I brought home with me to eat on Monday! It’s from by Chloe.

This is the caesar salad from by Chloe that I brought home as well. This salad is amazing. The shiitake bacon is so flavorful and such a great topping for the salad. *makes note to ask for extra bacon next time*

That’s it! I had such a wonderful time this past weekend and I’m grateful for the experience. If you want to check this out in video form head over to my Youtube channel to see more! Much love!

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