Gratitude Project – Week 20

This week went so fast and I don’t even know what I did with my time! I felt busy but I don’t know what I accomplished. I’m excited for my weekend and hope to refuel to start fresh next week and get things done. But until then, let’s appreciate some things with a week full of gratitude!

DAY 134

I spent my day completely alone but surrounded by others. I shopped, worked, ate, worked out, and just went through my day. I was so focused on what I was doing in the moment and ended up really getting a lot done. I had hardly any desires to be on social media and haven’t even watched a YouTube video today. But I loved it all so much that I kind of want to keep it up throughout tomorrow too. Always learning, always trying new things

DAY 135

Today I made a lot of food to test for recipes, listened to a lot of podcasts, and read a book. I call today a successful Sunday.

DAY 136

You know those days where you have a really great day for no reason at all? Today was one of those days. Days like this are so blissful because they’re not an everyday occurrence. If everyday was a really great day then after a while they wouldn’t feel so great. All they’d be is just another day. I love to experience the really great days, I also love to experience the not so great days, and all of the other days in between. Each one of them that we categorize as good, bad, etc. are opportunities to grow and feel true emotions. That really doesn’t necessarily make them good or bad. It just makes them days and experiences that we are meant to feel. And if we really allow ourselves to endure those experiences and go through it all, good and bad, then that is when the magic happens.

DAY 137

I don’t have a lot to say today but roasted cauliflower has been my jam lately!

DAY 138

Post run green smoothie. I went for a run after work today. It was such a good time! The weather was perfect. I felt strong and fast with no leg pain, which is so refreshing. Knowing where I was at this time last year, injured and frustrated, and having a really great run today is the best feeling. I’ve been running for a few months now but haven’t pushed myself out of fear of irritating my leg. But today I went for it and all is well.

DAY 139

Sunshine, handstands, and the feeling of accomplishment after a busy day.

DAY 140

I took this on snapchat (amandaasmithh) early this morning before my workout. I was thinking about what to share today and I wanted to share this picture because it’s actually the only one I took today. Crazy, right?! And at first I was like “nope, I don’t think I’ve ever posted a mirror pic on this page and it isn’t the place for that” but then I wonder to myself why not? So here’s a mirror picture of my before my workout at 5 a.m.  I did legs today and it was great. Working out always makes me so happy and I’m so glad that I make it a top priority in my life.

That’s it for today! I’m off to NYC bright and early tomorrow and I’m so excited! Catch you all next week for more gratitude moments. Much love.

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