Gratitude Project – Week 19

I’m back for another week of gratitude! This week flew by and I can’t believe that I’m sharing again but here we are. I had a really great week and am so excited to share! For some reason I was feeling extra motivated to really notice little moments of gratitude this week and had a lot of fun with this little project. Each week I find it to be more rewarding and find that it’s teaching me something new.

But for now, let’s get to it!

DAY 127

For the first time in 3 weeks Darrin is home and we obviously had to celebrate our short time together with some ice cream, chipotle, skating, and grocery shopping. Long distance relationships are ahh but days like today make it worth it. Mainly for the ice cream and other delicious food… kidding, kidding!

DAY 128

Watermelon, watermelon. Today Darrin left for work again I was being pouty all day because we don’t know when he’ll be home again. But this afternoon I got over it and did my thing. I find it to be super important and beneficial to let myself pout or feel whatever I feel for a bit but not let it take over my life. That way I’m able to feel the feelings and get over them in a sense so that I can then put my energy towards other things that will make me feel better and accept the now.

DAY 129

Tonight was my little Roxy 4th birthday party! We had lots of fun, especially the dogs because they all got special treats!

DAY 130

When you can’t decide on cereal or banana ice cream for breakfast you just eat both! // Tonight I made chocolate chip banana bread and ate all of the chocolate off of the top. So fun and super tasty. I’ve been on a bread kick lately and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon! 

DAY 131

When you’re dating a geologist you somehow acquire your own rock collection over time. And sometimes you wonder to yourself what the heck you should do with all of the rocks. So you take them outside and make things like this. And it’s actually really fun and sparks some creative inspiration. I sat outside and messed with the rocks for like an hour tonight and had so many ideas of other things that I can create from nature. I’m so excited about it and feeling great. Summer is coming, everything is blooming and so am I // Go outside and play with things in nature! 

DAY 132

Tonight I got home a few hours before it was supposed to rain. I ate chocolate banana ice cream and went for a bike ride. Afterwards I took Roxy for a walk. We got halfway to her swimming spot which is where we usually turn around if we aren’t going swimming. The sky was getting darker and I figured that we should turn around but I could tell Roxy really wanted to swim. So we went. (Does the dog always get what they want? Yes, usually!) Roxy swam and she loved it of course. Then we started walking home. I could hear thunder in the distance and thunder isn’t something that Roxy is into at all. She started getting nervous and walking faster. It got to the point that we ran most of the way home. I dried her off and let her inside. I grabbed my yoga mat and went outside and started practicing. It was so windy and raining but it was a warm day so it was okay. I had a lot of fun with it, stretching and breathing with the cool rain and wind bouncing against me. I love nature and being outside biking in the hot sunny afternoon until the cool evening thunderstorm came. The timing of it all was so perfect and for that I am happily grateful.

DAY 133

Today I went on a little adventure with @roxnsticks 🐾 We went to some trails and walked around for a while just enjoying the afternoon. I usually take her for the same walk to the river everyday. But today I figured we should do something different. // I want to do more. I want to explore and experience more. I’ve lived in western Pennsylvania all my life and usually do the same stuff or leave the state to do something different. But who knows how much longer I’ll live here and when I do move away I want to have done as much as possible in this area. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to live, experience, explore. I want to walk different trails and take in new views of the world as it is right here. And I’m so excited to get started.

That’s all for now! Thanks for joining me for another week of gratitude moments. Share some of your little bits of gratitude from this past week below!

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