The BEST post workout drink – WTRMLN WTR + Fitness Goals Update

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of working out and moving my body. Living an active lifestyle is key to feeling great and looking your best. But just exercising isn’t the only way to get strong and healthy. What you’re putting into your body is just as important as getting in a workout each day. 

I’ve found the perfect post workout drink that tastes amazing and is so good for you. Ditch the Gatorade and Powerade. Replace that with WTRMLN WTR which has 6x the electrolytes as a standard sports drink. You won’t regret it!

WTRMLN WTR is made with two ingredients. Watermelons and lemon. That’s it! No added sugars or flavors. Pure and simple, the way things should be! Each bottle provides you with potassium, L-Citrulline, Lycopene, and Vitamin A and C.

*does a little dance out of excitement for all of the nutrients*

The thing that I think is really great about this drink is that you can find it at your grocery store. And if you can’t find it there then you’re able to order it online. WTRMLN WTR for everyone! It’s just as easy as any other drink to keep in your fridge and grab on the go. So why wouldn’t you want to grab this instead of something filled with processed sugars and weird ingredients you can’t pronounce?!

Healthy options easily accessible to anyone, that’s what I like to see!

I took a few months off from lifting and just started back at it yesterday. I’ve been incorporating WTRMLN WTR into my diet as my post workout drink and I can tell you that I’m not nearly as sore as I thought I’d be! I credit it to giving my body the extra hit of nutrients that this drink provides for recovery!

So, I’ve formulated a plan that I’m going to follow for the foreseeable future. I’m going to lift 4 days a week, practice yoga everyday, and do cardio when it’s not rainy and I feel the desire. I don’t really have any particular goals other than getting stronger and advancing in my workouts. I’m pretty happy with where I’m at but always want to improve. 

I would like to push my limits when it comes to cardio and see how high I can get my running and biking milage. But at this time I’m content with focusing on getting back into lifting. Once I get my bearings on that then I’ll up my cardio and see what I can make happen there.

I kind of feel like just having loosely set goals that I can work on is nice because it doesn’t stress me out or make me feel as if I need to reach a certain fitness level in a specific amount of time. It allows me to have more fun and experiment with different things throughout my workouts. That’ll probably change at some point, but that’s where I’m at right now!

I’ll do another update sometime in the near future to share how I’m liking everything and where I’m at. But until then I’ll be hitting the gym 4 times a week, biking, running, hiking, yoga-ing, and drinking my WTRMLN WTR 🙂

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